Our Difference

Our Difference

Why do people come to Red Tree Wellness?

Healing Begins As You Enter The Door

As soon as you step into Red Tree Wellness, you will feel the energy shift and healing begin. We pay careful attention to a comfortable, calm and supportive environment – from the ambiance, artwork and relaxing music, to the energy and manner of our health professionals. Our practitioners are warm, professional, compassionate, caring practitioners here to support your path to balance. Our healing also extends beyond human nature to the mother nature, as we are proud of our conscious ecological footprint at our clinic.

Fusion of Knowledge

At Red Tree Wellness, we use and fuse both West & East ‘language’ approaches to the body, which allows for translation of many models of medicine. The use of both approaches, as well as collaboration and effective communication with other health care professionals, enhances treatment quality and results.

Self-sustained and natural health

Our services of healing the body are by natural means. These methods of medicine mean that we are guiding the body to heal itself in the most harmonious way, and remain balanced without further repercussion or side effects. Natural healing ultimately then, strengthens the body to stand on its own, and remain in balance, without reliance on anything else, thereby achieving empowerment and longevity. We include and inform you of your process, and always strive to empower you with education and tools that teach you prevention and awareness.

High Standards of Care

We don’t just listen, we really hear you. We take the time to hear your concerns and integrate them in your healing process. At Red Tree Wellness we are all Registered Professionals with a University education or equivalent. Our professionals provide exemplary professionalism, understanding, care and support towards all patients and clients. Fostering knowledge also extends to our patients and clients by providing ongoing education for them through seminars, workshops and newsletters as examples. Our high standard also extends to our use of quality products in all our treatments and session rooms. Not losing sight of the environment at the clinic, we ensure a comfortable and healing ambiance of tastefully chosen music and decor, to provide comfort and enhance a supportive healing environment. We extend our high standards of care to our vigilance with our COVID-19 Enhanced Protocols at RTW-updated September 2020.


We are an award-winning clinic! We won the 2019-2022 Consumer Choice Award for Best Acupuncture in Vancouver. The Consumer Choice Award has been doing independent research for over 30 years, and sources their data from 5 different statistically supported independent market survey, online listening, and research organizations. Their sole purpose is to recognize business excellence in small and medium sized businesses. The award is chosen by the consumer. We are honoured and thrilled to receive the award!

Did you know that our style of Acupuncture is different than many other practitioners? It is called Balance System Acupuncture, and involves relieving pain and restoring health, by using points away from the “sick” area to avoid aggravating it further, and is widely know to generate highly efficient and effective results of healing restoration. Try it out!

We make it easy to work with Red Tree Wellness

We are conscious about making your healing, a process of ease:

  • Online appointment booking system available 24/7 with email appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Payments by credit and debit card
  • Package treatment rates
  • Direct Billing options
  • On-time sessions
  • Central Vancouver location with adjacent B-line and Canada line stops

An alternative and complementary health solution

Red Tree Wellness offers other medical services that provide alternate healing options and solutions to allopathic (Western medicine) or any other medical approaches that have not been successful. Our services also work in conjunction and enhance Western medicine and other approaches. Our services of healing the body are by natural means, guiding the body to heal itself and remaining balanced, without reliances, further repercussions, or side effects. We also combine and apply knowledge beyond our own practising field by fusing our education and experience of many models of health, and modes of healing.

Did you know that our style of Acupuncture is different than many other practitioners? It is called Balance System Acupuncture, an evolution of Balance Method, and involves relieving pain and restoring health by using points away from the “sick” area. This enables us to avoid aggravating an area further. Balance System Acupuncture is known for promoting highly efficient and effective results of healing. Feel better sooner!

Our Unique Healing Process

  • Comfortable, calm, supportive environment
  • Natural and drugless health services, unique training
  • Fusion of knowledge
  • Information, education and empowerment
  • High standards of professionalism and care
  • Easy process of logistics (e.g. bookings and payments) = easy healing process, making it effortless for you to take control and ownership of your health
  • Alternate solutions for modern day health challenges