Chinese Herbal Medicine

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine works through the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective on the physiological action of the herbs.  The TCM approach pays special attention to the whole effect, through combinations of herbs, in conjunction with using a herb formula which is built to suit the individual symptom pattern and diagnosis of each person –  there is never one prescription for everyone who has the same condition.

Combining Chinese herbs is an art.  Traditional Chinese Medicine does not treat specific individual symptoms.  Instead, it looks at the entire symptom complex in the body, known as the syndrome.  Every individual is considered to have unique symptom complexes regardless of the disease.  Thus, herbs used are adjusted to individualize the formula according to the individual patient.

Close supervision is necessary when any type of medication is ingested. This includes Chinese herbal formulas. A person receiving Chinese herbs should be under the care of a competent trained practitioner who can differentiate any possible side effects of herbs from organic conditions.

Chinese herbs are a natural way of treating the body, and are used as the whole herb, rather than an extracted portion. In this way, and in conjunction with the TCM approach to health, the holistic system of action is used, which has better therapeutic effects, and less adverse effects.