Winter 2022 Wellness News and Tips

Winter 2022 Wellness News and Tips


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Welcome to the Yin time of Winter and the time to slow down, find ease and renourishment, just like the rain and snow nourish and blanket the Earth. In fact, I challenge all of you to find that comfort in the stillness and quietude, and live more in harmony with natural law.

I’ll also continue my mini-series on Feng Shui. (Remember: I’ve been a certified Astrology and Feng Shui practitioner since 2011, and also come from a lineage of practitioners in both Chinese medicine and metaphysics. See below.) My tips come from both education and experience. Although it is not easy to give general Feng Shui tips, there are some general principles that can be helpful to be mindful of.

For this month’s optimal Feng Shui. 

In Feng Shui, one of the biggest no-no’s in any room is improper placement of mirrors. 😱 How mirrors work: a) They amplify and bounce around the Qi in the room, especially what it is reflecting – do you want this or not? b) They are Metal energy – does the room need that? (Get a proper compass reading and analysis = Classical Feng Shui). Bouncing Qi in a room is generally NOT good. Do you suffer from insomnia and have mirrors in your room facing you or your bed? Consider moving or covering them.✋

Myth dispelling reminders: 1) Feng Shui is more than environmental design. It is about observing and analyzing the structure and life of it in conjunction with its surroundings and planet energy cycles, while also trying to optimize and balance it for good rather than poor energy. Observation and senses related to the non-verbal realm. Over 90% of our communication is non-verbal (Meharabian, 1972). This integration is crucial for our internal state. Thus, enhancing a good energetic environment is important for reducing internal messages and senses of stress, disorder and defensiveness, and reducing overall stress internally. 2) Feng Shui can change health and fortune. It is only one third part of what the Chinese call the Three Essentials to life. For more, see the article I wrote in the Summer 2022 news.

Mehrabian, A. (1972). Nonverbal communication. Chicago: Aldine-Atherton.

Bolte-Taylor, J. My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey. New York: Penguin Publishing.

Winter tip from Mia Capozzi, R.Ac., our newest addition to our team!

Winter time aligns the element of water, it is a time to go inwards, and to seek the cultivation of warmth within. We want to do our best to get the necessary rest we may have sacrificed in the Yang months, and restore our reserves. A lot of us tend to move towards these more Yin practices naturally, which is great! Depending on your own natural tendencies, we’ll need to seek the balance of our Yin and Yang aspects within in different ways! With water, we want to germinate the seed of Yang within Yin. So I will share with you a few of my favourite Yang fortifying techniques. 

This means, no cold smoothies, no ice in your water, and try to stay always from the refrigerated beverage section. Teas should be your go to, #1, ride or die, all winter long.

Yes! I will share one of my favourite Yin and Yang nourishing, not to mention tasty tea blends that keeps my spirits up all winter long. It is both warming and blood building, so if we can support the spleen, liver, and kidneys throughout the winter months. This should really help our cycles to run much smoother as well! There is also always acupuncture if you feel you would like some more support!

So first in my recommended tea we have Red Dates (Da Zao). You may recognize these from some of our previous videos these very harmonizing, and work by strengthening our nourishing qi and blood. Next we have Goji berries or wolfberry (Gou Qi Zi), these work by nourishing liver and kidney Yin. And last but certainly not least we have Longan fruit (Long Yan Rou) their Chinese name translates to dragon eye flesh… and these have always been my absolute favourite Chinese herb, I just love the flavour and my body really calls for them! They strengthen the Chinese medicine concept of the Heart and the Spleen, and nourish the Blood.

 To make the tea we mix these all together, and then take about 2 tablespoons in a cup and pour hot water over top, and allow the steeping process to do its magic! You drink the broth and afterwards you get another treat, as you eat the berries as well!

I really look forward to a cup of this at the end of the day, as the Spirit calming properties are extremely potent.

Mia has a love of building natural approaches. She has additional training in acupuncture facial rejuvenation by Acu Sculpting. With a well rounded knowledge base she continues to study while serving the public at Red Tree Wellness. Click here to book with Mia Now!

New Direct Billing policy

We have now streamlined our workflow. Beginning November 1, 2022, whenever there is the option for use, we will be submitting insurance claims on behalf of patients, however, we collect the full amount after your treatment during check out and will instruct your insurance company to reimburse you directly to your bank account. The reason why we’re changing our policy is that if there is any issue with your policy, you can directly contact the insurance company. The companies where the procedure will remain the same (we direct bill to be paid to use, not you) are Pacific Blue Cross, Sunlife and ICBC. Please ask us next time you are in if you have any questions.

Did you know… 

Lastly we finish off with our traditional quick clinic FYI’s:

  • Tight muscles from tension or sleeping funny while travelling? Grab our amazing Muscular Ease. Your muscles will melt and release very quickly.
  • Looking for gifts? Support local and grab some of our favourite self-care items: Fascia cups, Argan Oil for dry skin with all the hand washing, Gua Sha tools, Stone Rollers or essential oil blends. Ask for them next time you are in the clinic or buy them at our e-shop!
  • It’s cold and dry! Get some therapeutic grade Argan Oil which is naturally high in Vitamin E. Our Argan Oil is made by Saadia Organics, a local Vancouver company whose relatives in Morocco hand make these therapeutic grade oils.
  • Remember to check out our YouTube Channel for video tips


We wish you an amazing winter! 

Yours in good health and happiness,

Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM and the Red Tree Wellness team