Summer 2022 Wellness Tips

The Wellness of Balance

Into the heart of the summer we come…wellness news and tips!


  • Feng Shui tips
  • New Red Tree Wellness team members
  • Rate Change
  • Did You Knows…


It is the summer, and time for a check in for our seasonal tips and the season of expansion. This summer in the Chinese Astrology Solar Calendar has a lot of Fire. This may translate to Fire in someone’s constitution, which may not always be a good thing. Too much Fire in someone’s constitution in Chinese medicine can flame up to the mind and our spirit or “Shen”. If the Spirit/Shen is disturbed, it prevents us from having a calm mind and peaceful sleep. The more we can reduce “Fire” in both our constitution and our environment, the better we can promote a calm mind and improved quality of sleep. Besides food, acupuncture and herbs, we can also manage our health with our environment and lifestyle. In the next several newsletters, I’ll focus on little tips here and there that we can do at home, to improve the environment which we are living in and absorbing, which in turn, affects the energy our body is absorbing and our health.

This also is a chance for me to dispel some Feng Shui myths! Keep in mind, I have been a certified Astrology and Feng Shui practitioner for over 10 years now, and also come from a lineage of practitioners in both Chinese medicine and metaphysics. My tips come from both education and experience. Although it is not easy to give general Feng Shui tips because each building or home layout is also a customized approach determined by the age of the place, exposure and layout, there are some general principles that can be helpful to be mindful of. 

Myth dispelling time! Myth 1) Feng Shui is more than environmental design, it is about analyzing the life of a structure in conjunction with its surroundings and planet Earth’s energy cycles, and how to optimize and balance it for good rather than poor energy. Over 90% of our communication is non-verbal (Meharabian, 1972). This is the sensory part of our body, our Right brain. This integration is crucial for our internal state. Thus, enhancing a good energetic environment is important for reducing internal messages and senses of stress, disorder and defensiveness, and reducing overall stress internally. Just like our body, a building goes through a life cycle, right? We see that buildings age, and we easily see how the north side of a building is different energetically than the south side. This flow and balance is part of what is accounted for in what energy to sit, work, sleep and eat in with optimal Feng Shui. Our body is made of over 70% fluid, and sound travels faster in water than it does in air, which means our body is a high resonator for energy. If the moon can affect the ocean and make tides, it and the environment can surely affect our body also.

Myth 2) Feng Shui can change my health and fortune. It is only one third part of what the Chinese call the Three Essentials to life. Those three essentials are our Astrology (constitution/DNA is what I like to say, our blueprint), our Feng Shui (environment we are containing absorb), 3) The people we choose to have in our life, that may influence our decisions. We still have choices.

For this month’s optimal Feng Shui bedroom sleeping arrangements: Reduce the Fire in the bedroom. This means, NO technology or TV’s or modems. Technology adds fire and heat, disrupts the cooling and calming energy of a room. Keep technology away from you and your head, at least 2 meters away. Can you keep the phone in the bathroom (farther from you and counteract Fire with the Water energy of the bathroom) and use a traditional alarm clock instead? (more next newsletter!)

Do you have myth or truth questions about Feng Shui? Ask us Dr. Tan and we’ll make an effort to respond in the next newsletter? 

Mehrabian, A. (1972). Nonverbal communication. Chicago: Aldine-Atherton.

New Red Tree Wellness Team members!

Heeqma (Hikmah) Awosiyan-Office Assistant

Introducing new additions to our team! Please welcome Heeqmah next time you are in! We are excited to have her join our team! Heeqma is promptly known for her contagious beautiful smile and she extremely enjoys getting to socialize with people. Her key in life is to make an impact on someone through the kind words we say and little acts of kindness we do. Her love for a socially diverse community and nice weather prompted her to move from Saskatchewan to Vancouver. 

Luc Ortelli, MSc, R.Ac., is our new Registered Acupuncturist and Tuina Massage practitioner. Luc has a true passion for helping people with any form of physical and mental discomfort. He has created a unique approach, combining the methods he has learned over the years, the work with his hands, and acupuncture. He enjoys the challenge of finding the origin of pain, and puts his heart and soul into the healing process of his patients. A treatment with Luc, could include a combination of deep tissue massage techniques, Tuina, Acupuncture, manual therapy, visceral manipulation, Gua Sha, cupping, lifestyle and dietary advice, or anything that could help you along the way to your recovery. 

You can receive $10 if you book with Luc this July! Mention the discount coupon from this newsletter when you book your appointment or when you check out after your appointment with Luc. Click here to Book Now!


We have some changes to our rates. 

One of our core values at Red Tree Wellness is to provide you with exceptional natural health care for each and every one of our customers. We are committed to helping, guiding, educating, inspiring, and motivating you on your pathway back to health and ongoing vitality. When you use our services, not only do we want to give you the experience you expected, but we pride ourselves on going above and beyond.

After carefully analyzing our operating costs, the increased price for materials, and current inflation, we’ve made the decision to increase our prices starting July 1, 2022. Please see our website for more details. 

We thank you for your understanding and support in helping us to grow alongside you. The increase helps us ensure our commitment to providing the very best services to you. We appreciate you as a customer and are grateful you choose us as your healthcare clinic. 

Did you know… 

  • We have a great variety of items for your self-care at home. Grab some of our favourites: Fascia cups, Bruise + Wound gel, Argan Oil for dry skin with all the hand washing, Gua Sha tools, Stone Rollers or essential oil blends. Ask for them next time you are in the clinic or buy them at our e-shop!
  • We have amazing Essential Oil blends, brought to you by one of our Reiki Master and Chemistry professor colleagues. Would you like some help getting rid of your headache, easing your muscle soreness, improving your sleep, reducing swelling or boosting your immune system? Ask us about them next time you are in!
  • You can also start growing your own Qi / vital life. Our very own long-time external and internal martial arts practitioner Suzanne Williams, RAc has recorded short video series of simple Qigong movements for each season. Check her youtube playlist out here
  • We carry Argan Oil by Saadia Organics which is a local Vancouver company whose relatives in Morocco hand make these therapeutic grade oils.
  • Remember to check out our Youtube Channel for video tips –

We wish you an amazing summer! Go out there and expand!

Yours in good health and happiness,

Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM and the Red Tree Wellness team


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