TCM Tea Talk-Have A Happy Pregnancy: Morning Sickness


On today’s TCM Tea talk we kick off our series on how to “Have a Happy Pregnancy”. Sheralyn Hoiland B.Sc, R. Ac is here to discuss tips to help ease your body through various pregnancy symptoms in different stages pre and postnatal.

In this TCM Tea Talk we discuss morning sickness tips and how different flavors can help reduce nausea in different ways.

Tip 1- Genetics

Talk to your mom (and/or sister) and see what pregnancy symptoms they in countered and how they dealt with them. My mom and sister had they same type of nausea as I was experiencing and they both found that soda crackers helped. So I had them on me at all times and would keep some on my night stand to have a couple right when I first woke up. Soda crackers were my saving grace and I was so glad my sister had told me that is what helped her.

Tip 2- Flavor

Pungent Hot- Ginger
Promotes circulation aiding in digestion and relieving stagnation that is causing the qi to  reverse and move up and out. Hot in property which helps if you are experiencing cold stagnation.
Caution- If you are already running warm the ginger may cause adverse effects by being too warming and the movement of sending Qi outwards may make nausea worse. so moderation is key
Some Options- chew on raw ginger, try natural ginger chews, boil to make tea.

Pungent cool- Mint
If you have red eyes, easily irritated or are feeling more on the warmer side than mint might be a better option. Because of its cool pungent nature it moves qi in a gentle manner and helps decrease the excess heat in the body. Mint is good when the liver qi is stagnating and attacking the stomach qi, making nausea worse when you are irritated.
Some Options- mint tea, mint hard candy to suck on, chew on a raw mint leaf, add mint to water, mint essential oil aroma therapy

Sour- Lemon
The sour flavor stimulates contraction and absorption. So when your Qi is moving up and out, sour flavors can help gather the qi and hold it down where it should be. Sour also activates and promotes the blood to prevent stagnation that might cause your nausea.
Sour also benefits digestive absorption, so adding a little lemon to your vegetables can help your body absorb more of the nutrients.
Lemons alkalizes the body, so by adding lemon to your water it will also help with heartburn.
Ideas- lemon water, preggie pops, low in sugar sour candies.

Sweet- Potato
The sweet flavor associated with potatoes is considered ‘full sweet’ which also includes meat, legumes, nuts and dairy. It mildly stimulates circulation and is also tonifying and strengthening. Potatoes or Sweet potatoes are good if you are feeling weak, tired, pale, in a general deficient state. The one caution is that if you eat too much sweet than you can start to damage the spleen meridian system and cause dampness, where you may find you get loose stool or phlegm accumulation.

Adding different flavors to water is also a great way to add variety and stay hydrated while combating morning sickness.

Tip 3- Acupressure

My favorite! Pericardium (Pc) 6- located 3 finger widths proximal from the wrist crease between the ulnar and radial bone.
Stimulate with increasing pressure in counter-clockwise circles. Take slow deep breaths in through your nose and down to your lower abdomen letting it slowly expand and slowly breath out through your nose.
For continual stimulation try ‘sea sickness bands’. Make sure the plastic ball is located at Pc-6. Press for added stimulation when nausea increases.


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