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Fall Favourites!


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We have moved and have recovered from the enormous stress and strain from our renovations and move, and we look forward to seeing you at our new space soon! Thank you to those that celebrated with us at our Grand Opening and 10th Anniversary party, and to our sponsors Shanti Solutions, Pascoe Canada, Saadia Organics Argan Oil and Dragon Herbs for the awesome gift bags for all attendees!

Our next series will focus on Favourite Things and Why from the East and West perspective.  As you know, my doctorate was an Integrative Medicine doctorate specializing in Aging and Longevity, so my goal is to bring forth reliable knowledge to you from both East and West perspectives.

This fall my favourite food on my mind is yogurt. On my brain is our immune system and microbiota aka microbiomes – healthy, happy, good microbials (micro-organisms), mostly bacteria, both on and in our body (mostly in our gut). This starts at birth, with the vaginal flora from the mother passed on to child.  If you were born by c-section, you would have missed acquiring some of these microbiomes, and other healthy supportive microorganisms.  Every person has a unique set of microbiomes externally and internally (mostly in the gut/gastro-intestinal tract).  This leads me to speak about our gut and a favourite of mine to maintain a healthy GI tract – fermented foods such as miso, yogurt and kombucha.

In the East/Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our digestive system is central to our health.  The Spleen and Stomach are in charge of extracting good healthy nutrients from our food, and passing them along to our Lung system who are the system that is the first line of defense in our immunity.  So if you do not have good digestion and a healthy gut, you can also have poor immunity because the Lung system needs the Spleen and Stomach to extract good healthy nutrition and eliminate waste in order to be a strong defender of our body.  Good microbiota helps this.  When we digest well, we extract good quality nutrition, it goes to the Lung system our first defender, and makes it strong.  The Spleen and Stomach also eliminates waste or “junk” out of the system properly.

Now for a little more translation. Microbiota comes into the picture because in TCM, GI microbiota are important in our digestion function – they help to break down food and waste – we call this “dampness” in TCM, and they help move things along in the system – we call this “move Qi”.  In the West, things like yogurts, miso, kombucha, and probiotics, are helping give you good bacteria to your body to help your digestive system function.  We like this because in the East, these foods and supplements help break down “dampness” and “move Qi”.

I make a point of regularly consuming healthy fermented products that fit well with me, almost daily to help keep my gut flora strong and “topped up”.  If you have to take anti-biotics, I suggest supplementing with a high count probiotic to replace the bacteria that the anti-biotics are eliminating.

But wait. It may not be a matter of just consuming more fermented foods or probiotics.  Here is where Eastern and Western medicine differ.  Do you feel worse (e.g. gas and bloating) after taking probiotics or consuming miso or kombucha?  In TCM, this means you likely have a fairly “dry” gut, and because probiotics and kombuchas are helping “dry the dampness/waste” in your gut, it is too much drying.  Instead, you need a microbiota that “waters your gut” while restoring the flora.  In those cases, look to yogurts, because yogurts also nourish “Yin” which is like adding “water”. Do you have trouble with dairy or are vegetarian?  Did you know that you can get yogurts now fermented and made with coconut milk, almond/cashew milk that are delicious with other clean ingredients?  Try those instead.  In Eastern medicine/TCM, we are still looking at your individual picture and your unique needs.  This actually fits the recent discoveries in Western medicine that everyone has a unique set of microbiota.  That is why everyone’s digestion and bowels operation differently with the same foods for example.  In TCM we look at things this way all the time, the individual set of operations.  Now onto my delicious yogurt!

We have a new service at Red Tree Wellness designed to help you restore health to you sooner, and ease your bank account.  We call it “Acupuncture Happy Hour”!  These are Group Acupuncture sessions designed to a) offer you a lower cost method of receiving acupuncture, b) have more frequent treatments, c) have continuity of care in the same clinic, d) offer more availability so you can get in sooner

  • What is different?
    • Sessions are given in a non-private community/group setting – you are in a room seated with other people
    • No need to remove clothes, just roll up your sleeve and pants or bring a change of clothes
    • The practitioner working that day will follow along the treatment course plan that was set by your original practitioner and make any adjustments necessary
    • Sessions are 40 minutes in total.  Sit and relax!
  • How do you know which type of session to choose?
    • As a general rule, if you need several sessions in a shorter timeframe (better results as well), book the Acupuncture Happy Hour
    • If you need a quick tune-up and don’t have much to update, book the Acupuncture Happy Hour
    • If you prefer private time and have more to discuss, or prefer lying down, book the regular one-on-one sessions with a practitioner
  • Feel better sooner!  Ask one of us if your are unsure which to book.

A huge welcome to Jill Truscott, our newest practitioner and team member!  I personally was impressed by not only Jill’s intelligence, but her ability to communicate and connect.  If you’re looking for someone who can se AND hear you, and both support and explain the holistic concepts of TCM and natural medicine, Jill is for you.  A little more about Jill:  Jill has incorporated acupuncture and eastern medicine into her own health and lifestyle for the past decade, which led her to study this intriguing medicine. When she was 14 years old, she suffered from chronic migraines, which were so severe that she had to continue much of her high school studies from home. She was referred to a neurologist, and tried many different medications, however nothing offered long term relief of her symptoms. This is when a doctor at her mother’s work suggested acupuncture, as nothing else had seemed to work for her. Jill’s first appointment with an acupuncturist led to a lifelong relationship of trust and gratitude, with her practitioner eventually also acting as a mentor in her own pursuit of TCM studies. It was the first time that she felt that someone was trying to find the root of her migraines, finally giving her hope that she would truly find relief of her symptoms. After weekly sessions for two months, Jill was migraine free, and continues to be to this day. She is grateful to have found her path in acupuncture, and to be able to educate and offer others a medicine which allows us to achieve internal balance and heal ourselves through natural means. Through Jill’s holistic and patient-centered approach to healthcare and lifestyle, she hopes to help guide you to achieve your greatest level of health. Read more about Jill on her Bio here.

A big congrats Sheralyn who is on mat leave! Baby Jordan was born healthy and mom and boy are doing well.  We look forward to her return next year.

Lastly, we are looking to bring a Naturopathic Physician to our clinic in Spring of 2017.  This is to not only offer you more natural and holistic health services, but also to provide a place of collaborative health.

As always, feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.  Who do you know that may want to try us out?  We are happy to help.

Happy Healthy Fall!

Yours in good health and happiness,

Sonia & the Red Tree Wellness team



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