The Empowerment Of Knowledge


The ultimate and ideal goal of health is an empowered individual with the tools to nourish vitality and manage the ebbs and flows of life. Just by being more aware of our own bodily process – from the physical, to our mind and spirit – enables us to adjust accordingly to these messages we are receiving from our body. What is important is what we do with those messages. There are days that you may be able to be clear on the what and the how, and other days that you don’t even see what’s going on. There may be confusion of interpretation, or there may be such a strong message that you need to seek further help with. We are here for you when things need that little extra bit of help, however we are also here to help empower you to a life of self-management and longevity. Here’s what we have in store to help you out this spring (also on our Education page):

Registration is now open for Stress Reduction in Everyday Life with Kim Boivin, RCC and Sonya Scheer, RMT. Learn to use practical, unique and effective stress reduction tools that can help you feel better everyday. Workshop date is Saturday May 15, 2010 from 10:00am to 3:30pm. Visit our Education page for further details, the information flyer and a registration form.

Go on a grocery store tour with our Nutritionist, Jocelyne Stager, RNCP! Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the many options of the grocery store? Or confused by the vast number of ingredients in a product? Come on a free tour at Whole Foods Cambie (at Broadway) to learn more about what you are putting in your grocery cart. Only 8 Spots available! Did I mention the cost is Free!? Saturday, May 22 , 2:00pm. For more information call the clinic to reserve your spot! 604.873.3827.

Spring also represents the renewal of life. What have you done lately to bring that spark back into your growth? What have you always wanted to do and haven’t had the motivation to do it? Take advantage of the growing energy of spring to begin new tasks and adventures, to reshape your growth, and to get a fresh start on life. Explore and fuel the curiosity and learning that has always interested you. To be knowledgeable, is to be empowered. To be empowered, is to be able-bodied – in body, mind and spirit.

In good health and happiness,

Sonia Tan
Clinic Director


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