Winter tips: Learn about living in harmony with the Water element.

Frosty Morning in Forest

Winter tips: Learn about living in harmony with the Water element.

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  • We are award winning!
  • Scarf and socks on now
  • Winter health tip with Dr. Dang – Seaweed
  • Winter health tip with Dr. Jennings – Essential Oils
  • Did you know…

As we head into mid-winter according to the Chinese calendar (the winter solstice is the midpoint of winter and the darkness), this is a good time to wear a scarf (this practice begins in the fall) and get the socks on! By doing this, you help the Acupuncture channels that are the main immunity fighters (on the neck and on the soles of the feet) and have more warm Qi (the vital life force) to build a strong immunity and fight pathogens. Feeling funny or tight in the throat? Scarf and socks on, get your immunity fighter herbal teas or supplements in right away, and get a good night’s sleep! The first sign is the throat and neck feeling funny, tight, off or sore.


VANCOUVER_2019Guess what!? 
We won the 2019 Consumer Choice Award for 
Best Acupuncture in Vancouver!!!
This is a complete surprise and thrill for us! The Consumer Choice Award has been doing independent research for over 30 years, and sources their data from 5 different statistically supported independent market survey, online listening, and research organizations. Their sole purpose is to recognize business excellence in small and medium sized businesses. The award is chosen by the consumer. We are honoured and thrilled to receive the award for 2019! Thank you and celebrate with us all of 2019!



Health tips for Winter

with Dr. Kathy Dang, N.D., R.Ac.:

It’s time now for Dr. Kathleen Dang’s inspiration on health for the Winter season!


 At Red Tree Wellness, seaweed can be found in our customized herbal formulas as well as recommended through diet. We are also excited to introduce another mode of seaweed in health – a new skin line – SeaFlora, a BC-based company out of Sooke. The marine-sourced seaweed and kelp found in their products, are hand-picked and crafted off the coast lines of BC to reveal a remarkable skin line rich in anti-oxidants, minerals such as iodine, calcium, potassium, beta-carotene, vitamin B2-Riboflavin, and Ascorbic acid-Vitamin C.

So why seaweed? Here is some background and perspective on this amazing sea veggie! Thallasotherapy is the therapeutic use of seawater, sea products such as seaweed and sea air or climate for an experiential healing of the whole body and spirit. This has a long tradition in European spas – and has adapted into spa treatments world-wide. IDEALG – Seaweed for the Future – a research power-house from France, has extensively studied seaweed extracts for its anti-aging properties. Their studies show the structural and physical role of specific extracts in seaweed have a notable impact on skin protection against pollution, acne and aging.(1)

In the dermatology world, seaweed has garnered much attention and research due to its rich bioactive compounds and influence on skin health – specifically protecting the skin from UV oxidative damage, skin brightening, and improving atopic dermatitis conditions.(2) Crème de la Mer, an Estee Lauder luxury cream, was first created by a NASA rocket scientist, Max Huber. He created this nutrient-dense crème from Pacific Kelp to heal chemical burns from rocket fuel exposure on his face. No other products helped at this time. After Huber’s death, Estee Lauder took over the manufacturing of the product and now has a cult following, globally. Crème de la Mer retails at Holt Renfrew for $120 for a 1/2 oz!(3)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the use of seaweed has been used for centuries, as both food and medicine. Notably, Kun Bu, a brown kelp, and Hai Zao, aka sargassum are both nutrient-dense; filled with iodine, iron, calcium and potassium. Kelp (also referred to as Kombu in Japanese), has the ability to strengthen the digestive systems, notably the Spleen and Stomach, and to decrease phlegm nodules (such as thyroid goiters) and swelling/water retention.(4)

In Western herbalism, seaweed has an abundance of iodine, which is used for thyroid regulation and to protect against radiation (the thyroid gland is most susceptible to radiation exposure), iron for hair/nail strengthening and to prevent anemia, and as a natural diuretic to aids in reducing water retention.(5)
SeaFlora products will be available for purchase at the clinic soon, so please inquire! For perusal of their products, please visit their website at: Looking for some skin indulgence – make an appointment for Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture coupled with SeaFlora products!


(2) Thomas, N. V., & Kim, S. K. (2013). Beneficial effects of marine algal compounds in cosmeceuticals. Marine drugs, 11(1), 146-64. doi:10.3390/md11010146
(3) New York Times article- Seaweed Factor by Mary Tannen, March 24, 1996.
(4) Bensky, D., Clavey, S., & Stöger, E. (2004). Chinese herbal medicine: Materia medica. Seattle, WA:


Essential Oil Winter Tips with Dr. Samantha Jennings, Dr.TCM!

Black Spruce Picea mariana (Coniferae/conifer family) 
Black Spruce is one of my favourite essential oils to use in the wintertime. In fragrance energetics it falls into the Woody-Pungent category. Woody oils are centering, stabilizing, restoring & relaxing – the energetic effect is to “return things to their centre”. Winter is a time of withdrawing into one’s centre, conserving one’s energy. Black Spruce can be a valuable, restorative ally, building inner strength. It’s known as a restorative also in the sense of bringing emotional balance.
Pungent oils are uplifting, energizing and warming. Warming the Kidney Yang, it has the reputation to diminish sadness and promote happiness, bringing a fresh perspective to our experiences.
In Chinese Medicine, we would say that it strengthens the Lungs and the Kidneys and the relationship of the Lungs receiving the Qi from the Heavens (the breathe), and its descending function toward the Kidneys for storage, as well as the Kidneys ascending function to “grasp the Qi”. In this way Black Spruce supports those who have asthma or other respiratory conditions. In tonifying the protective Qi of the body, known as the Wei Qi, Black Spruce is also used to fight infection.
Deeply grounding, it connects Mind and Body, helping the person find that place inside that is calm and centered. Black Spruce can be used for the person who is stressed with a sense of overwhelm. It is said to bring our awareness down into the bones, the deep structures of our being, so that the person can “root” themselves and be better able to flow gracefully with the constant changes of life.
  • Dr. Samantha Jennings, Dr.TCM, RAc


Did You Know…

  • We have new herbal teas at our clinic for immunity and digestion! These are perfect for those that like to drink tea throughout the day, and would also like to have assistance to treat some digestive irregularities (gas, bloating, stuck, loose stools, etc) or boost their immune system! Ask about it next time you are in!
  • We have restocked on our favourite cold and flu remedy! Need to bring the big guns out? This highly concentrated herbal extract combines immune boosters with anti-virals and is a formulation that has been used since 500 A.D.. Ask about these ‘Dragon Herbs’ next time you are in.

  • We have new amazing Essential Oil blends, brought to you in partnership with a Doctor of Chemistry and Reiki Master from SFU. Would you like some help getting rid of your headache, calming your nerves, sleeping at night, reducing edema or boosting your immune system? Ask us about them next time you are in!
  • We have some changes to our rates. Please see our website for more details.
  • We are open Saturdays! Dr. Chung and Dr. Dang can see you for your Acupuncture and Naturopathic medicine needs.
We wish you a joyous winter season!
Yours in good health and happiness,
Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM, RAc, RTCMP, and the Red Tree Wellness team

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