What Does Your Wheel Look Like

What Does Your Wheel Look Like

Red Tree Wellness is pleased to welcome Kim Boivin to the clinic! Kim Boivin, MEd, RCC is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. Kim brings a wealth of education and experience in trauma therapy, stress reduction and couples therapy. To make an appointment with Kim visit our online booking calendar. In Chinese Medicine, we are heading into Yin’ time, and a time for us to re-nourish. It seems appropriate that with what is going on in the economy today, the world also needs a little re-nourishment. The stress and panic felt in today’s economic market, while certainly valid, is also an indicate of prolonged imbalance that is in need of correcting.

Drawing from my Kinesiology background, we learned that Wellness’, does not simply mean optimal health. In fact Wellness means your wheel is balanced and inflated just right. Visualize a wheel in your head, that looks somewhat like a pie-chart. Each piece of the pie is a piece of wellness that needs to be in the right amount in order to form a balanced whole circle. A piece that is too big, may not fit into the pie, causing an imperfect shape to the wheel, and send it off balance. The components of the wheel are composed of 7 aspects: Physical, Financial, Emotional, Spiritual, Social & Cultural, Environmental, and Career & Academic wellness. What does your wheel look like?  Are you over inflated or extended in one area, and lacking in another? Take a look inward and see what you can do to balance your wheel.

From my Economics and banking background, we learned about debits and credits. Balancing the books was always something at the end of the day, or end of the financial year, that you wanted to see for financial health. If credit decisions ended up turning bad, we knew we needed to encourage a balance on the other side of the books in assets such as savings and investments, and cut our losses of over-extending credit. What does your debits and credits look like? Just like in finance, in health we all need to look inward when we realize that we have been overextending ourselves in one area. Better yet, in Chinese Medicine, we would rather prevent an imbalance in the first place. Just like a car with regular maintenance, keeping your body in tune, and harmonious, prevents future problems of degeneration and depletion.

Fall and Winter are times of Metal and Water respectively. They contain, hold, nourish and then allow regeneration. Now is the time to turn inward, to get centered and balanced, and to implement your self-care strategies that help you balance your body’s wellness, and calm and ease stress. What is it that you need to bring back balance? Is it more ease and less stress? Are you tired and overrun? Are you having trouble sleeping?

In Chinese Medicine, one of our core organ systems to nourish our body’s Qi, Yin and Yang, is the Kidney meridian system. The Kidneys, are one of the organ systems in charge of energy, vitality, circulation, sleep, as well as the source of our Will, that can be depleted in times of stress. Fall and Winter are optimal times to re-nourish our body, and particularly, re-nourish the Kidney meridian system. A simple way to do this is to have a bath or better yet, a nightly foot soak with Epsom salt. Salt is the flavour that nourishes the Kidneys. In addition, the starting point of the Kidney meridian begins a the sole of our foot. Thus by nourishing your sole (pun intended), you can nourish body and your Kidney meridian system.

Another way you can learn strategies to ease your stress, is with our new registered clinical counsellor Kim Boivin. Kim works with a variety of people across many walks of life. Her approach is grounded in compassion, respect, and encouragement. Kim also welcomes the ethnic, cultural, sexual, religious/spiritual diversity of people she works with. In addition, Kim runs ongoing Stress Reduction Strategies day workshops open to the public. Look for the next one in early January!

Or perhaps muscle tension and stress are bogging you down? Book a session with our Registered Massage Therapist Andrea De Vos. Andrea brings almost 10 years of massage therapy under her belt to the table!

Lastly, in whatever you decide to do about bring balancing, ease and well being in your life, remember: Dont hurry, don’t worry, and stop to smell the flowers along the way. (Quote from Buddhism)

In health and happiness,