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Red Tree Wellness wishes you a happy healthy holiday season! As I sit here writing this, I reflect on the year that has past, and the year ahead. It was never as expected, and I realize, life never probably ever will be. However what struck me the most about this year, is change and transformation. Just like in the cycle of Yin and Yang, the descending of Yang, gives rise to the ascending of Yin. With every year, we begin with new energy, and new life.

A warm welcome to our latest practitioner to join our clinic: Jessica Yee, RMT, Registered Massage Therapist. Jessica brings a fresh and passionate energy to the clinic. Reduce your stress and tension and treat your tissues and bones to a massage therapy session with Jessica! For available session times, visit our online booking calendar.

As I turn inward at the close of this year, one thing that struck me the most in reflection of the year gone by is stress. Someone very close and dear to me, often helps me put my stresses in perspective. Our problems, are first-world problems. I may have stress and strain of finances, what gift to get, what event to go to, what wasn’t organized well enough, finding an electrician, and so on, however, they are first-world problems. In the third world however, their stresses are how will I eat, where will I sleep, how will I stay warm/cool, how will I afford to live another week, how will I heal from this chronic illness with no money, or where will I get clean drinking water? One of my dreams is to provide free alternative health care to third world countries and humans in need. For now, my dream and wish is for what I can do, to do and help in the best way possible – and that includes what I love to do most – giving the gift of health.

Prevention is the best medicine. It seems an appropriate time of year to remember the little things we can do to provide ourselves with optimal health. Here are some tips from our team at Red Tree Wellness:

To help release muscle tension over the holidays, a great item to have around the house is a tennis ball. Wrapped in a sock (or not) tennis balls are great for getting rid of those really tight spots. Place the tennis ball in that desired “tight” spot and either press up against a wall, or lay down on the floor. Roll around and wait for the spot to dissolve.

– From Jessica Yee, RMT

For some, the holiday season is like a “love-hate” relationship; for others, it’s more welcomed and less intense, yet undoubtedly stressful. So how can we have a healthier relationship with the holidays? Ask yourselves questions like “What does the winter holiday season mean to me? What positive qualities about the holidays can I connect to?” Qualities such as comfort, connection, and giving from the heart might come to mind. So how can we ensure that our holiday season actually fits with what we find positive meaning or value? One way is by our choices – our choices often reflect our values. How we choose to spend our time, energy, and money during the holiday season might change as we become more clear about what is most important to us. Practise the challenge of aligning your values with your behaviours to feel more at peace.

– From Kim Boivin, RCC

The holiday season has a tendency to add extra stress to our already overloaded schedules. Our bodies will work overtime to meet these increasing demands but there will be a consequence to overdoing things. The results are unwanted colds and flu’s. So what can you do to avoid the cough syrup? Chinese Medicine uses great preventative measures. Acupuncture has a strong effect on soothing frayed nerves and enhancing the strength of the immune system. Remember to rest, restore and revitalize. Wear a scarf and keep warm, eat warm hearty soups, and reduce your intake of cold raw foods. If you do feel the beginnings of a cold coming on (without a sore throat), then mix yourself a pot of fresh ginger slice tea with a touch of honey and lemon and drink it down.

– From Samantha Penner, RAc

With the coming new year brings new wishes, promises and a fresh start. Look for our Open House in January to celebrate the new year and a chance for you and anyone else you know – to enjoy mini-sessions with our new practitioners. Perhaps you have a friend that has questions about massage, counselling or acupuncture? What better way for them to have their questions answered by in person! And in addition, they will get to experience a mini-session with that practitioner. Or perhaps you would rather that mini-session be for yourself! Either way, come out and celebrate the new year by treating yourself to new year treats, horoscopes, and the gift of health!

Or perhaps you would like some new tools to reduce stress in the new year? The next Stress Reduction in Everyday Life workshop with our counselor Kim Boivin is Saturday January 24, 2009. The workshop is 11am to 2pm, at the Roundhouse Community Centre. Registration is limited. To reserve your spot, please call the clinic with your name and contact information, and Kim will get back too you on your reservation.

In whatever way you choose to enjoy and celebrate this time of year, we wish you all the best in health, love and life.

In health and happiness,

Sonia F. Tan
Clinic Director


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