Tuesday Tip with Suzanne Williams, RAc!

Tuesday Tip with Suzanne Williams, RAc!

Heat may be your best friend if you have cold-type arthritis! One in every five Canadians has arthritis – pain and immobility in joints and other tissues – youch! In Chinese medicine, arthritis and arthralgia are Called “Bi Zheng”, or Painful Obstruction syndrome. There are four sub-types, including Cold Bi that shows up as sharp, stabby, fixed pain. It’s worse in the cold and better with heat, so the cold early months of 2023 may trigger flares. ❄️

Here are some *hot* tips to soothe your cold painful joints (hint – it’s all about HEAT!):

1️⃣ Apply warmth daily – if the arthralgia is in your hands, place them over the residual heat of your kettle or stove after boiling water for tea, then hold your tea mug to get the blood moving.

2️⃣ Stimulate circulation in other areas via a hot shower or apply moist heat like a hot water bottle.

3️⃣ Use warming topicals through the day. You can also incorporate foods that promote warmth and circulation into your diet: garlic, onions, pepper, turmeric. It’s critical for people with Cold Bi to avoid cold icy foods, especially too much cold dairy.

As always, see your acupuncturist or Chinese herbal medicine practitioner for a diagnosis and treatment plan that is specific to your constitution and condition! ?

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