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We are well into the summer and what better time to settle into the summer than with our last of a series of 5 tips from an integrative medicine perspective and comparing health choices!  Our next series will focus on our Favourite Things and Why from the TCM perspective.  But wait, FYI, WE’RE MOVING!!!  More details below.


This month, as fitting for the summer, our last Aging and Longevity tip from Western and TCM Perspectives is a reminder to ensure you have a community that you network with.  This could be your neighbourhood, your church, a business network, your childrens play group or a parent group, etc.  It may sound trivial now, but as we age, these engagements keep us feeling supported and give our life meaning.  From the TCM perspective, the emotions of our body, need to keep flowing through our channels, so they don’t become clogged anywhere.  We can keep our Qi flowing, when we keep our emotions flowing, which is helped by keeping engaged and expressing.  So this summer, keep involved with your community. Keep those social parties and engagements. Stay engaged with friends and family keep us feeling supported. This helps us know that we are not alone in this which helps keep us balanced and engaged.

We too at Red Tree Wellness, ensure we are keeping connected as a team.  Here is our latest venture at our team Summer Social, where we solved a Spy mystery in Vancouver.  Who knew that such threats lurked around Vancouver?!  Chinese Medicine to the rescue!  Vancouver has been saved!


We are back for one last pocketbook comparison of health with Michael Yin!  Summer has arrived here in Vancouver. I bet everyone is eager to go out and enjoy the sun as much as you can. I like to address this month’s newsletter on the topic of “blood deficiency”.

From a general point of view in western medicine, the most common type of anemia is “iron-deficiency” anemia. It is also the closest to the Chinese Medicine term of “blood deficiency”, excess menstruation for example, can lead to both iron deficiency anemia and blood deficiency.

Pale complexion is the primary symptom that can overlap in both diagnosis. Other symptoms such as fatigue, palpitation, dizziness can also occur but to properly diagnosis I strongly recommend seek a professional health practitioner for proper diagnosis.

Generally, women are more prone to blood deficiency than men due to menstruation, and the modern treatment for iron deficiency anemia is usually through the help of iron supplement. However, some of the side effects from iron supplements are stomach upset and pain, constipation or diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. For females, who are in their 40’s, who had children, they will generally have blood deficiency compared to younger females, due to factors such as the stress from work/child, diet and decrease of metabolism.

Instead, acupuncture is a great treatment option that can be combined with iron supplement to treat iron deficiency anemia. How much are you willing to pay to have a pain free, stress free menstruation plus minimize the intake of iron supplement?

Let’s assume you decided the get 3 treatments of acupuncture which costs $255. Suppose after 3 treatments your “Liver Qi” stagnation is also regulated and eliminates most of the premenstrual symptoms you were experiencing.  Meanwhile you let the iron supplement do what it is intended to do in your body. Let us assume after the treatment you rate your health at score of 0.95 (between 0-1) and before the acupuncture treatment you rate your health at score of 0.65 (between 0-1).

(255+cost of iron supplement)-(cost of supplement)/0.95-0.65

Hopefully after you plug-in your health score, you can compare the result to the question I asked previously on how much are you willing to pay. If it is less than the result, that means getting 3 sessions of acupuncture treatments is cost effective way to improve the health and treat iron deficiency anemia!


Lastly, WE’RE MOVING!!!  On September 1, we will be moving to a smaller but newer location, only 2 blocks away (closer to the Skytrain):  Suite 743 – 550 West Broadway.  This is the new Neelu Bachra Centre, where there is a Yolks restaurant and CIBC at the bottom of the building.  With our move we have some NEW services we will be offering!  Look for “Pit Stops” and “Mom Days” in our next newsletter and our “News” page.  Or find out more by attending our Grand Opening and 10 year anniversary celebration on Saturday September 24!  Save the date!  We are looking to celebrate with all of you with some grab bags, food, drinks and more at our new location!  More details to come. Check back on our website under “News” for more details.  Save the date!

Happy Healthy Summer!

Yours in good health and happiness,

Sonia & the Red Tree Wellness team



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