Summer-Autumn transition 2024-The Wellness of Balance newsletter from Red Tree Wellness Inc

Summer-Autumn transition 2024-The Wellness of Balance newsletter from Red Tree Wellness Inc

The Wellness of Balance 

Summer-Autumn transtion 2024 News and Tips


  • Summer-Autumn transitions & updates
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It’s time for another seasonal transition of Chinese medicine tips and news to you, our Red Tree Wellness village. Like the doctors of ancient China, I consider every patient a part of my village that I help promote wellness and health care. Chinese medicine’s model of the body and health give many tools that promote prevention and longevity. Here we go with another round to help your own self-sustaining wellness and longevity! 

Seasonal transitions happen every Earth Month which happens four times a year in the Chinese lunisolar calendar. July is one of those. After Summer reaches its hottest point at about the third week of July (called Dà Shǔ 大暑 Great Heat in the Chinese lunisolar calendar), the first week of August will mark the start of Autumn. This means the start of the cooling and reduced light trend, not instant fall weather. This year it will occur on August 8 and continue until its apex at the Fall Equinox. Be observant of the trend of temperature and light in August. The air usually gets noticeably cooler, and that is the time to be aware of guarding your own body temperature. You ideally want to maintain body warmth, instead of cooling it too much. Too cool a body lowers our Yang Qi, which lowers our overall immunity Qi (Zheng Qi). As we head into the fall, we want to avoid too much lowering of Zheng Qi. So if you start to feel cool in August, such as cool ankles, arms or neck, put some light socks or slippers on, and put a light scarf or jacket over your neck. In addition, August is the time to reduce how much cooling foods you have, in order to keep your Zheng Qi warm. That means, ice cream consumption should reduce in August and September, sorry kids!

As a reminder, Earth months are also time to be aware of how the past couple months of that season has gone, and what changes you’d like to make for the next season. It’s an opportunity four times a year to step back and look at the big picture, taking stock of your life. What are you grateful for and what would you like to create differently next?

The next essential oil in my series of favourite go-to external items I take with me while I travel is Tea Tree or its cousin Niaouli. I always carry this in my travel bag with me for two reasons: (1) The Tea Tree plant Melaleuca alternifolia and its close cousin the Niaouli plant Melaleuca quinquenervia and what I like to call nature’s antiseptic. It is a wide spectrum antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal essential oil. I travel with it for topical use for skin irregularities or for cleaning (e.g. the air, surfaces, etc). (2) Inhaling this in a diffuser or just opening it up and smelling regularly, helps regulate the Lungs. This is good to help with Lung function, such as strengthening your respiratory immune system or reducing phlegm. In Chinese medicine it strengthens our Wei Qi, which is our Defensive immune system Qi. If you have a travelling diffuser, even better. 

Note: I’ve delayed my teaching of Qigong until the Winter or Spring due to scheduling. Be on the lookout for some new Taiji Qigong classes I’ll be offering. I was just Certified Level 2 (of 4) in May of Taiji Qigong Shibashi Teacher Training for the last 3 years. I’ll be happy to share this effective style in future.

Seasonal Health Reminders

Tips from the desk of Sonia F. Tan, DAOM, RAc, RTCMP

Upon the new year in the Spring, I’ll focus on different types of tea and how it can help regulate mood. For now, remember as it gets warmer, cooling teas are ideal, like peppermint or green tea. When the weather gets colder, warming teas are ideal, like teas with spices like cinnamon, ginger, etc. See below for more on the naturopathic medicine lens of Hibiscus tea from Dr. Kathleen Dang, ND. Happy seasonal transition!


Tips from the desk of Dr. Kathleen Dang, ND

Hibiscus for the Heart, Liver and Kidney

The rich-ruby red colour of hibiscus tea is the perfect herbal beverage to cool the body down during these hot summer months.

This medicinal tea provides the highest levels of antioxidants in a tea, even more than green and black tea. Making this tea very cell protective from damage.

Hibiscus tea is rich in flavonoids, anthocyanin, which is great for relaxing blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and is a light diuretic.

Brew a big pot and let it sit out to cool. Drink it tart or add some raw honey to taste. Enjoy and stay cool!

Dr. Kathy Dang ND, RAc

Final Clinic FYI’s:

  • We have in stock a bunch of our favourite bee propolis products! This builds our Wei-Defensive immunity Qi which is why we love it. We have throat sprays for kids and adults, and lozenges with added benefits of Zinc, Vitamin C, peppermint or elderberry! In addition,we have Raw Honey with Royal Jelly (good to top up our core resources called “Jing” and our Wei-Defensieve Qi) and Bee Pollen (good to regenerate our Jing-resources).
  • You can order many retail items from our online e-shop. Herbal items that have an NPN number from Health Canada, is a retail item and can be ordered online and shipped direct to your home! 
  • Remember to check out our YouTube Channel for video tips

We wish you a relaxing summer & autumn! 

Yours in good health and happiness,

Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM (DAOM degree), RTCMP, and the Red Tree Wellness team of Dr. Kathleen Dang, ND, RAc & Suzanne Williams, MBA, RTCMP