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As the weather finally gets warmer, like animals in hibernation, we start to venture out to the outdoors. There’s a lift we start to feel from the inside to out, as the warmth and the sun nourish our soul. Spring and the approaching Summer is a time of renewal, regeneration and energy. It is a time of activation and energy. What strikes me at this time of year, is the amount of activity and people out and about, and our desire to get out! This reminds me of how many forms of alternative medicine, work to balance your health from the inside out. We aren’t speaking merely of tweaking your internal organ function on a physiological level, for in true form of holistic health, we are also speaking about balancing out our internal mental and emotional health. If we strive to remember to keep our internal body and soul well, we will outwardly express a happy and healthy being.

Acupuncture is a system and modality of treatment that triggers a healing response from the outside to in. Herbology is a system and modality of treatment that heals from the inside to out. Our resident Herbalist, Ravi Seth, has these words to share with you:

For thousands of years Chinese herbs have been taken to help regulate the body’s energy. How do herbs work? There are tonic herbs, which are used to help strengthen the systems of the body, for example the digestive and immune systems. There are also reducing herbs which are used to help the body get rid of unwanted toxins and waste. Finally there are regulating herbs, which help ensure that the organs function smoothly.  Herbs are usually taken together in formulas which a harmonious blend of herbs interacting together to achieve a certain response, and are available in either pill or powder form. Chinese Herbalists will help you figure out which formula would be best suited for your body type, for Chinese Medicine always strives to look at a person’s body from an individual approach, and treat accordingly.

If you or someone you know, is interested in a herbal consultation (no acupuncture treatment involved), you can book online through our website 24/7. Look for the Initial and Follow-Up Herbal Consultations under Ravi Seth.

Now for a little insight on working from the inside to out from a clinical counselling perspective with our resident Clinical Counselor Susan Vanderwerff:

Perhaps you have… heard the expression that “the eyes are the windows to your soul.” The look ‘inside’ or reflected from the eyes can be a strong indicator of emotional well-being. Most of us, at one time or another, have experienced the bright sparkle of a very well-balanced person.

How does one get those light-filled, shining eyes that are so attractive and charismatic? As a compliment to physical health, the answer lies in emotional balance. Emotional health is the sunshine of your soul. This is what clinical counseling can provide for you. Clinical counselling will provide a completely confidential space for you to release any and all negative thoughts that you may have locked inside of you. In releasing these negative thought patterns from your brain, you will allow space for a positive flow of fresh encouragement. Positive thoughts create healthy, vibrant energy. Change your thoughts, enhance your life!

If you or someone you know, is interested in illuminating the “windows of your soul”, you can book online through our website, 24/7 under Susan Vanderwerff.

This is the time of year, in the cycle of life, where the Yang energy is rising – that is the warming, activating, motivating energy. This Yang energy formed out the energy of our substances, nutrients and grounding energy – that is, our Yin. Enjoy this time of year, for without the Yang, without this energy feeding our Qi (our vital energy), we lose an essential component of our balance, in transforming the next stage of the dynamic cycle – back again to our Yin.

Enjoy your experience of stepping out from the in!

In health and happiness,


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