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It’s the hint of warmth that reminds us Spring is standing up, and also the increase in daylight.  In Chinese Medicine, the warming trend of spring begins at the start of February, to reach its midpoint at the equinox. Spring and the Wood element are the time to grow, move and expand.  The more you can follow natural law with your own body, the better your health.  Let’s read more on Spring and Wood tips further with Dr. Samantha Jennings below.   


Health tips for Spring with Dr. Samantha Jennings, Dr. TCM, R.Ac.:

An Essential Oil You’ll Want to Know: Bergamot ~ Citrus aurantum var bergamia

Aroma: Sweet, refreshing, tangy, green, citrusy, fruity. Top Note, Balanced

Energy: Cool and relaxing, dry.

Element: Wood

Key Words: Release and Relax. Soothing and Uplifting

Bergamot is said to have its effect on the Wei Level which is associated with the outer and most superficial level of our consciousness. Wei level oils have a close relationship with our lungs and the breath. The traditional aromatherapy classification, used in perfumery, is that Wei level oils would be a top note. Like the Wind, they are the most volatile of oils and have an effect on acute conditions of the upper body. Oils with top notes include those coming from the distillation of peels and leaves. They are often used to treat common cold and to uplift the mood.

If you’ve seen me in clinic, then you’ll know that Bergamot is the one essential oil that I use most frequently, placing on the point in the ear known as Ear: Shen Men (Gate of Spirit). It is such a great oil to help the person relax and move from that busy place of thoughts in their head and drop down into the body.

From our Oriental Medicine perspective, Bergamot regulates and circulates the Liver Qi. Freeing the Qi, it helps maintaining the free and easy flow throughout the BodyMind. It’s often used for excess conditions affecting the Liver. Other applications:

~ Regulates the menstrual cycle and relieves PMS. Relaxes Qi congestion in the uterus, eases painful, irregular periods. Eases the transition in menopause.

~ Relaxes Lu Qi congestion with asthmatic breathing.

~ Boosts the immune system.

~ Use for skin conditions: dermatitis, herpes, scabies. One of the best oils for eczema and psoriasis. Combine with Rock Rose (Cistus) and Helichrysum. Use one drop on a cold sore due to stress.


Psychospiritually/Vibrational Healing:

~ Bergamot is deeply calming and relaxing, as well as being a stimulant and a tonic. Overall it is uplifting. Stimulates and; rebuilds strength when the person is fatigued due to stress.

~ Bergamot balances the nervous system, relaxes the nerves, induces rest and aids sleep. Diffuse Bergamot to promote relaxation, relieve anxiety, depression, stress, or agitation.

~ Promotes happy, carefree, light-hearted feelings. Encourages the release of blocked emotions, restoring spontaneity and optimism.

~ Supports Metal Element & the Lungs: heals emotional wounds during times of sadness or grieving so that the person is more able to reach out to others. It assists the Lungs in completing the grieving process..

~ Bergamot helps the person surrender their need to be in control. It is said to release fear and trauma from the cellular memory of the physical body. The mental body becomes calmer and clearer.

Precaution: Avoid direct sunlight within half a day of use. Bergamot is one of the most strongly phototoxic of the EO’s.


Aromatic Bath for Anxiety:

Add to a warm bath along with Epsom salts. You can add 1 tbsp milk to allow the essential oils to disperse in the bath water. Soak for 20-30 minutes.

5 drops Lavender EO

3 drops Ylang Ylang EO

2 drops Bergamot EO

~ Dr. Samantha Jennings, Dr.TCM, R.Ac.


Did you know…

  • We have re-stocked on our favourite cold and flu remedy! This combines immune boosters with anti-virals and is a formulation that has been used in Chinese Medicine since 500 A.D.. Ask about these ‘Dragon Herbs’ next time you are in.
  • Thinking about a spring cleanse for your body? Ask Dr. Chung, ND about a more optimal way utilizing both diet and supplements without starving your body!
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Lastly, you will see a new service shortly whereby you can add-on a Chinese Astrology update reading. Not sure what that is and why it may be useful? Ask Dr. Sonia Tan next time you are in.


We wish you a happy and healthy spring season!

Yours in good health and happiness,

Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM and the Red Tree Wellness team



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