Spring Renewal


What makes you Spring? For me, it’s that little bit of extra warm sunshine each day. The arrival of the new season can finally be felt as the sun shines a little warmer, the daffodils bloom, and trees begin to bud. There’s an energy in the air, that you just can’t put your finger on. Is it exciting? It should be. For this is the time to dust yourself off of those fallen leaves of winter, work out the rust of your hibernating bones, and get up and renew your life and body as nature is doing right now. Nature has through the winter, turned in, gathered, conserved and built its energy, in order to generate a lively and colourful bloom of life with the change in season. It’s also time for your body to do the same. Thus as is in nature, we should follow within our body, in order to remain in harmony with the energy of life, and achieve overall Wellness.

Here are some tips to renew your body, soul, and spirit, from our team at Red Tree Wellness:

Acupuncture fine points:
Spring into good health this year by doing some upkeep and maintenance! Chinese Medicine associates this time of year with the Liver. The liver is responsible for the free movement of Qi and Blood and the emotions. The liver is also important for keeping the blood clean and nutrient rich. You can support the liver’s functions by eating dark leafy greens, increasing our outdoor activity, and by having a liver supporting acupuncture treatment. By doing this, you will support emotional stability, improve digestion, and feel limber and pain free.

– Samantha Penner, R.Ac.

Chinese Herbal Therapy tips:
For those that suffer from allergies, Spring is a challenging time of year. Avoid spicy, greasy or foods rich in sugar and dairy in order to relive your systems already under stress trying to fight allergens. Enjoy foods easy to digest, such as rich, cooked vegetables, and berries. Get your body tune-ed up with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs that not only work on natural symptom relief, but more importantly, work to strengthen your root organ systems in charge of your core immunity to make you stronger and symptom-free this Spring season, and the next.

– Sonia Tan, R.Ac., R.TCM.P.

Massage Therapy to lend you a hand:
If you’re finding yourself falling asleep at your desk, set a timer for 20 or 30 minute intervals so you can get up, move around, do a little stretching. This gives your brain a chance to refresh itself, making it easier to remember things, or get new ideas. It also helps to encourage proper posture at work or at school.

– Jessica Yee, RMT

Counselling support:
Spring is a time of positive growth and movement. As a counsellor, a significant part of my work is supporting people to live more fully in the wisdom they already possess. This process reminds me of a quote I love by Alice Walker: “The nature of this flower is to bloom”.

Just like the Earth, our very nature is to change. If we choose to, we can change into someone more strong, loving, and wise than we imagined.

This Spring, you may find it helpful to ask yourself:
What wants more room to grow in my life?
How can I nourish that positive growth?

– Kim Boivin, RCC

Think of your Wellness like a wheel. If that wheel is deflated, it doesn’t roll very well. Tune up your body like you would inflate your wheel. Strive to balance all aspects of your life, and the wheel will carry on by rolling smoothly down the path of life.

In whatever way you choose to renew yourself, whether it is among friends, family, your own self-care, or with our team here at Red Tree Wellness helping you along the way, we wish you an enjoyable journey of self-renewal.

In health and happiness,

Sonia F. Tan
Clinic Director


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