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The fall equinox in Western culture symbolizes the start of fall.  However in the Chinese Solar Calendar (versus the Lunar Calendar), the equinox is the mid-point of fall.  The start of fall or rather the cooling trend, began in August.  Take a look outside, do you see that the leaves have turned already?  They don’t turn overnight, they have been gradually transforming.

So what does that mean to you?  Only that the practice we should be doing to keep our energetic bodies balanced with nature has already begun.  Our Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) guide for the Fall season:

The crisp, cool days of autumn, and the time of the Metal element, are here.  The Lung meridian systems are predominant at this time, which is easily injured by cold.  The Lungs also influence skin, hair, Defensive (Immunity) Qi and respiration.  If the Lungs are strong then the voice is clear, skin is moist and hair is lustrous. Exercise in the fresh early morning air to benefit respiration and circulation of Qi.  This will serve to strengthen the Lungs and Defensive Qi to make you less susceptible to the common cold. Chapped lips and dry skin are common.  Have more liquids and pears to nourish yin and body fluids.  Adequate rest, morning exercise and acclimatizing your body slowly to the cold will help maintain healthy lungs and Defensive Qi for the coming winter.  Last but not least, wear a scarf as added protection and an extra layer to your Defensive Qi!

Sadly we’ve had to re-schedule our seminars on Longevity and Wellness tips from the East and the West due to booking and equipment problems.  However do stay tuned for when we will begin them.  Check back on our website under News for updates.

Please note effective November 1st, 2014, our treatment and consultation session rates will be increasing.  All treatment session rates will be increasing by $5.  Acupuncture packages will reflect this as well.  Acupuncture treatments are still GST exempt.  All other sessions that do not include Acupuncture are GST applicable.  Now is a good time to purchase a package at our old rates if you have not done so already!  Ask us about them the next time you are in.

Fall brings us to the start of a new series of sharing TCM Wellness!  Our next series will be on Tui Na tips from Sheralyn Hoiland, BSc, RAc, our newest addition to our team.  What is Tui Na massage?  Read on to find out!

TuiNa therapy takes the basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as the foundation of the treatment to strengthen the body through sustained, even movement and forceful manipulation, in a gentle way, creating a deep penetration to achieve desired therapeutic effect.

This time of year the weather is in a constant flux of Hot one day and then Cold the next. With the weather changes our food choices change from cooler property foods, in warmer weather to heavier, warmer foods when it is cooler out . This constant flux can result in throwing our digestive system into a turmoil.  As such, those who have occasional or ongoing digestive troubles might notice that their digestive system is having more troubles or not running as smoothly.

A simple ‘tummy rub’ around the navel can help move a digestive process along. Lay on your back, start with your right hand on your right side under your rib cage. Do 20-50 clockwise ‘squares’ around your navel. Push with the base of your palm above your navel to the left hand side, push down with the side of your thumb/palm, pull across under the navel with your fingers/palm, and then pull up to the starting position with the outside (pinky side) of your palm. The idea is to try to gently stimulate the digestive process with medium force along the route of the large intestine.

— Sheralyn Hoiland, BSc, RAc

Take good care the rest of the fall.  In the hub of it all, remember to do what you need to do in order to find your balance.  That balance helps keep everything flowing well in body, mind and spirit.


Yours in good health and happiness,

Sonia & the Red Tree Wellness team



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