Red Tree Wellness 15 year Photo Collage Video 2021

Red Tree Wellness 15 year Photo Collage Video 2021

Our last post of our 15 year celebration month is a photo video montage of our journey! DYK we also have regular ‘Lunch N Learns’ with invited guests or in-house speakers, to continue our own professional growth and team bonding. AND we also have regular team appreciation events with our Winter & Summer Socials and a “Sequoia Cup” award for our Summer social event! The 2020 the team event was and “Elevated Charades game”, and provided lots of laughter ‘beliebing’ in what we do, right Alex? 😂 We believe that a strong collaborative team is the key to have a strong foundation and tools to help our patients heal and grow. What do you suggest we do for our 2022 team event?

We can’t wait until the re-match on July 9th! 💪 Have fun watching our photo collage of our old and new, past and present teams at Red Tree Wellness. 🎭

Have a wonderful rest of the summer everyone! 😊

Hugs and 💓, The Red Tree Wellness team of Sonia, Kathleen, Suzanne, Alexandra and Rick.

If you are unable to see the video above, please click here.