Quick SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 Clinic Update

ginger and garlic
We would like our valued patients to know we are actively taking extra precautions to maintain sanitation and hygiene at the clinic, along ensuring a clean anti-viral and anti-bacterial environment. If you do feel unwell, particularly if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms, please refrain from coming to your appointment and call or email us to reschedule. For some quick things you can do to enhance your immunity from the Chinese medicine perspective at home, eat more ginger and garlic daily, minimum 3 grams per day. Fresh ginger is easiest steeped in hot water, 5-6 slices, and consumed throughout the day. If you have any white Tiger Balm at home, when you sleep at night, you can apply it to the base of your foot, near the ball of your foot and put socks on that cover your ankles. Also, apply this to your pulse points and the neck lymph nodes by the corner of your jaw near your ear lobes.
As always, we can also optimize your immunity at any visit with Acupuncture and herbal or diet recommendations.
Take good care and be well.
The team at Red Tree Wellness Inc.


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