In Need of Fire to Inspire

Sunset on Starnberger See

Summer may not feel like it is in full swing yet, however, in the Chinese calendar, the warming trend and hence Fire of Summer has already begun.  Fire on a spiritual level, is an element that inspires and likes to be inspired.  It is full of joy, spark and compassion.

How appropriate, that a new journey has presented itself here at Red Tree Wellness with you the patient in mind – inspiring change to our community of health and cultivating healthy aging and Integrative Medicine!

This is something I noticed was lacking over the years of my practice, and needed beyond simply trying to set up a ‘house’ of physicians working together integratively.  It extends further to communicating and collaborating together in any environment and situation, for the betterment of you, the patient.  It is about using the best of both worlds, respecting and understanding this, and working together rather than ignoring or overlapping.  How am I going to do this?  First step is me in Los Angeles.  I am on my way to completing a Doctorate that specializes in Healthy Aging and Longevity Integrative Medicine.  Stay tuned in further newsletters to come this fall, on tips and even better – seminars – to help you learn how to gracefully age in a more normal and balanced way, and learn what the best of both worlds can do for you. :)

Continuing with our series on sharing patient experiences, thank you to Chrissy Y. for sharing her experiences and helping other patients and potential patients learn from her experience:

1. What have you learned (about your health, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, health prevention etc.) at Red Tree Wellness, that you didn’t previously know?

I have been very interested to learn about the many types TCM treatments available (teas, cupping, acupuncture) and even more impressed with the variety of conditions and symptoms that can be treated.

2. Have you noticed any difference in your health since you started coming to Red Tree Wellness? If ‘Yes’ please briefly elaborate.

I initially went to see Sonia because I had heat in my lower leg that was transferring from low back problems. For over six months, I tried massage, physiotherapy, and chiropractic and could not get the heat to go away. After three sessions with Sonia, the heat went away permanently. It has been years and it has not returned.

After making major improvements to my back pain, tension, and stress levels, Sonia began to work with me on my allergies. Through acupuncture and a tea concocted specifically for my allergies, Sonia built up my immune system and resistance to environmental allergies. I have had allergies since I was a child, and after Sonia’s treatments, I have not been affected by seasonal allergies for years.

I initially tried TCM as a last treatment option when others did not work – now I always go to Sonia first.

3. Is there anything else that you would like to share about your experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture?

I have referred Sonia to over a dozen friends and family. Everyone that has gone to see Sonia has been very pleased with the results. She has successfully treated people I know for sleep problems, back pain, tennis elbow, and pregnancy issues among other things.

Sonia’s treatments are thoughtful and effective. She makes people feel very comfortable, relaxed, and listened-to.

Often my sister and I joke about wishing we had an issue just so we could go see Sonia!

Looking for a little more tips and inspiration monthly?  Did you know we give monthly tips and cases stories on our social media sites?  Karyn Smith does our Tuesday Tips and Gary Chan does our case stories.  Look for them on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter for some useful and interesting information on how TCM and Acupuncture can help.  Pass the word on!

We are always grateful to you, our patients, for choosing us to help guide you on your pathway to health.  Remember everything in moderation and balance, and you are stepping in the more healthy option towards longevity and optimal health.

May you have a fabulous Summer!

Yours in health and happiness,

Sonia & the Red Tree Wellness team


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