15 Year anniversary news and Spring 2021 tips – The life force begins again!

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Spring 2021 tips and 15 year news – The life force begins again!


  • The start of Qi’s growth – seasonal tips
  • It’s our 15 year anniversary!
  • Did You Knows…


The season of life growing has begun again! Are you enjoying the increase in sunshine, smells, plants and animals coming alive once more? I wake up and hear the birds chirping every day now (ok, sometimes they wake me up!). With this new season of life, I am also thrilled to announce some exciting celebrations here at the clinic that we have coming in June. Read more in the next section! 

Now is a good time to slowly expand and express our Qi in different ways, more outwards – move, generate, play, create. My other go-to favourite things this time of year:

  • photo-1485527691629-8e370684924cClothing – The scarf. It may be more sunny, however the wind is still cool and we want to protect the access to acupuncture points that affect our immune system. When the cold Wind gets in, it hinders and blocks these acupuncture points that are supposed to help defend us, and our immune system suffers. By wearing a scarf (and socks), we keep those important acupoints protected, and we keep the Qi warm, which makes it stronger. It’s not yet time for flip-flops!
  • Food – Mixed raw and cooked greens. Now is a good time to slowly integrate raw greens and salads. Not all-in yet, just mixed. The stomach still needs time to generate more warmth, which it also absorbs from the warmth in the season, in order to help digest foods. Raw vegetables are harder to digest on the stomach and then lowers its digestive fire Qi, so it’s best to save this as your primary method of eating greens for the summer. However, you can slowly start to transition now from cooked to mixed cooked and raw vegetables. 
  • Essential Oils – Niaouli or Tea Tree. Nature’s natural antiseptic, melaleuca alternifolia also strengthens our “Wei Qi” which is our body’s “Defensive Qi” in Chinese medicine. This defensive Qi needs to be strong in order to block pathogens and allergens. Diffuse or inhale this more if you are experiencing more respiratory allergies this time of you, and build a strong “Jade Curtain ”. 

Need more help? That’s where we step in with our medicinal tools! We look forward to seeing you in the clinic at your next tune up. 


Exciting news!

RTW logo-vert-pms-15yrsWe are celebrating Red Tree Wellness’ 15 year anniversary this year! Say what?!? I know right?! Many of you have been with me since the beginning when I started Red Tree Wellness, sharing and renting space from our friends and colleagues at Serenity Therapeutic Massage. Less than 1 year after that, I expanded to my own space, and Red Tree Wellness had a location to call its own. In 2016 we moved into a new cozy space that you see us at today. No matter where we are located, with all my heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears, the vision of a warm and inviting place of effective and compassionate healing has been a journey of love for me. My vision of having like-minded practitioners as part of my team has been a passion, whether it be multi-disciple, or a greater variety of Chinese medicine ones to further support you in our roots of natural healing. Much appreciation goes to my current fabulous team who helps me keep this beautiful ship running, and envisions the same kind of effective and compassionate help to everyone one of you and our community. This ancient wisdom amazes me every day on how it is still effective in modern day. From my young years, I derived inspiration for this medicine from my Grandfathers, and I am pleased to continue to pass this lineage onwards in both private practice, and also teaching the future. (Did you know I have several artifacts from my Grandfathers’ practices at the clinic? Look for them next time you are in!) Moreover, at our clinic we practice a different style of Acupuncture not taught in schools – Balance Method / System Acupuncture, or just Balance Acupuncture – still from the ancient classic texts, and refined by masters along the way, one of which was my mentor. 

When I first began practicing over 15 years ago, there were still a lot of misconceptions about Acupuncture, and a lot of denyers. People used that “doll” name, and to be honest, I enjoy transforming those non-believers. There is no placebo effect with them. Now 15 years later, I look back and I see how far the field has come. We have more acceptance. Yes it works, and more than just treating pain. I now notice I do less less education on what it is and how it works, to instead what else can it help with? We have MSP and ICBC coverage now, and more private health coverage. Yay!

Perhaps we should keep dreaming big and wish for full integration in hospitals and medical facilities like they have in China and Germany and other parts of the world? Amazing right? When I did my internship in China over 15 years ago, it was an absolute thrill to see people getting wheeled out of MCL knee surgery, to go straight to the Acupuncture Orthopedic ward to receive Acupuncture right away. Why not here, why not now? Goals for the 15 years perhaps, right? 🙂

Red Tree Wellness’ roots stem from my core values of philanthropy, education and healing. The Sequoia tree, which is where the inspiration of the name is derived from, represents healing, wisdom and independence to the Cherokees. Over the years, we have donated our time, resources and money to a variety of non-profits both locally and abroad, and are proud to continue to do so. 

In this day and age, we feel fortunate that we can remain open and continue to heal and guide you on your pathway to health. Please join us in celebrating! We have a variety of celebratory items, and we want you to take advantage of them as our appreciation of you! Most of all, if you are free, please drop by on our official anniversary day, June 1st and grab a baby Aloe Vera plant, straight from the mother of all Aloe plants from my home! 

Below are the details of what we have planned for the whole year:


20210324_120637ANNIVERSARY YEAR 2021

  • Birthday coupons and Referral cards with the special 15y anniversary sticker receive $15 off their next acupuncture visit (instead of regular $10)
  • New referred patients get $15 off their first visit (with special sticker)
  • Every referral gets a draw into a gift basket draw

 ANNIVERSARY MONTH (the whole month of Jun 2021)

  • 15% off all products
  • 3 patient appreciation gift baskets given out
  • Gift basket from referral draw given out
  • Video story of how RTW was born released on anniversary month
  • Local Charity matching donation

 ANNIVERSARY DAY – Jun 1, 2021

-15% off all treatments all day 


Thank YOU patients, colleagues, friends and family, for recognizing and believing that holistic and natural health with effective ancient medicine CAN provide great results! Your passion and excitement sharing with family and friends, helps our whole community feel better sooner. Please nourish yourselves with our love and appreciation this celebratory year.


Did you know… 

Lastly we finish off with our traditional quick clinic FYI’s:


  • saadia organic photos-permission to use on wpWe have a great variety of items for your self care at home. Grab some of our favourites: Fascia cups, Bruise + Wound gel, Argan Oil for dry skin with all the hand washing, Sleep Well, Muscular Ease or Headache No More essential oil blends. Ask for them next time you are in the clinic!
  •  You can also start growing your own Qi / vital life. Our very own long-time external and internal martial arts practitioner Suzanne Williams, RAc has started a short video series of simple Qigong movements for the season. The Spring /Wood season one is released now. Check it out here.  
  • Remember to check out our video on how to use silicone cups! It is on our YouTube channel or Facebook page here, and pick some up next time you are in for use at home to relieve those muscles from all that working at home time.


We wish you a vibrant spring season. Be Well.

Yours in good health and happiness,

Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM and the Red Tree Wellness team



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