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Happy spring to you! While the official first day has arrived, in Chinese medicine and culture, spring begins near Chinese New Year, as it marks the beginning of the warming trend.

With spring often comes spring cleaning. This newsletter is therefore meant to inform you of news and changes happening at our clinic, and to inspire you and your health for the new season.

Let me start off by introducing the latest practitioner to join our clinic: Susan Vanderwerff, MA, RCC, Registered Clinical Counsellor!

Counselling offers you the opportunity to understand your unique circumstances and concerns in order to enhance self-growth, personal effectiveness, interpersonal relations, and emotional well-being. Counselling is not just a tool and support service to help us when problems challenge us, but also is used when you want to learn more strategies that contribute to a healthier life style such as time management, relaxation techniques, decision making skills, and stress management. Appointments with Susan are also available on our online booking calendar.

Did you know that if you create a user name and password with our booking calender, you will be able to do more with your bookings: see all the bookings you have made, make ongoing regular standing reservations of appointments, and also, put yourself on a waiting list. If you ever have trouble, of course, you can always call us!

Did you also know that our clinic uses a variety of environmentally products? From the moment we opened, and in keeping with the spirit of the Sequoia tree to which the clinic name is derived from, we have consciously made an effort to step lightly on the earth. The clinic uses 100% recycled paper, the pens and clipboard are made of recycled plastic, we use filtered rather than bottled water, and our businesses cards are printed on 100% recycled paper using vegetable inks, just to name a few! What is your ecological footprint? Check us out on the newest business directory in Vancouver dedicated to eco-conscious businesses – Happy Frog – .

I’d like to share a story of inspiration with you, to inspire you, or someone you may know. This is a shortened version of a true story, of a patient seen at Red Tree Wellness. “I went to seek acupuncture, because I always get sick every winter, almost every 2 weeks. I was however, afraid of needles. My experience was on the other hand, was amazing. As it happened, when I initially started receiving acupuncture, I was sick with a bad cold just before the appointment. Amazingly, the next day after the treatment, my cold was almost all completely gone, and I felt amazing! I continued with the treatments, finding that not only did I feel so very relaxed after treatments (and it is hard for me to relax), but also, I was not getting sick as often, and if I was getting sick, the treatments were helping me get better much, much quicker, and without using drugs! I am so happy that I sought acupuncture to help strengthen my immunity, and I received a little bit of heaven at the same time. Thank you!” – A.P.

We want to hear your inspiration! Share with us your story, whether it be health, love, life, etc., as we would like to compile stories and inspirations (identities kept confidential) that other patients can read and relate to, share in, and receive inspiration from. Whether it is health-related, work, love, life, or environmental, it all relates to the wellness in our life. For overall health is not just about health practitioners helping you, but also about the positive energy and attitude of the patient who is committed to their health and well-being. Together, the path to improved quality of life and overall wellness is achieved. In appreciation of your sharing, those that submit their stories will be entered into a contest for two tickets to the sustainability expo here in Vancouver April 18-20, 2008:, and their story will be shared in our next newsletter and website. Deadline and draw date is 5pm, April 7th, 2008 – World Health Day. Share via email at and thank you in advance for sharing!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this brief ‘Inspiring Spring’ newsletter. One last spring inspiration is a word of advice to “protect your wind points” this spring. As spring is the season of the Wood element, and Wind is the primary climate in this element, Wind can be excessive in this season. In Chinese Medicine, we have acupuncture points on the body, where external pathogenic influences, such as “wind” can enter into our body and cause meridian blockages, manifesting as illness, such as the common cold. So this spring, protect your wind points – as tempting it is when the weather gets warmer, protect your back and neck, wear a scarf and make sure you have enough layers!

In health and happiness,


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