Health in uncommon times – April clinic open update and options


April Clinic update 2020

TITLE:  Health in uncommon times – Clinic open update and options!



  • Clinic open update and status
  • Telemedicine options, Herbs and Supplements
  • Free Qi (Chi)!


How are you doing? I imagine that this simple question has taken on new meaning in these uncommon times. The situation of COVID-19 continues to evolve daily, and as we continue to monitor it, we all are doing our best to adapt. At this time, we are unsure as to how long it will be before Red Tree Wellness Inc. reopens its doors for in-person treatments. However we will continue to support you and your family during this time. We are open for Telemedicine and Essential conditions (by discretion).


Telemedicine options

christopher-gower-vjMgqUkS8q8-unsplashWondering about Acupressure, Taiji/Qigong, Essential oil applications or Diet/supplement adjustments?  We have available appointments via telemedicine and we are grateful that we are still able to connect with you in this way. You and your practitioner will be able to see each other, share each other’s screen and much more. See below for more details on how to book. Note: If you prefer to meet with a phone call instead, we can arrange that for you as well.

For telemedicine sessions requests please email your availability to with “Telemedicine Session Request” in the subject line. We will forward this to your primary care provider who will coordinate the session with you, whether it be by video or phone.

Note 2: For best results, we recommend you use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome, as well as a fast internet connection. For your security and privacy, online appointments will not be recorded or stored and all electronic audio and video communication will be encrypted in transit.

Paying for your virtual appointment can be done via etransfer or credit card via our secure payment accounting system. An invoice will be sent with a link and etransfer email after your appointment. 

Note regarding Direct Billing: Due to our limited administrative staff, we will not be able to process direct billing at this time. You can submit Naturopathic medicine appointments directly with the invoice sent to you after your appointment. 

  • 10 to 20 minute Chinese medicine Telemedicine consultations: $23 to $45 (10% discount until we re-open). 
  • 15 minute Naturopathic medicine Telemedicine consultation: $50 (10% discount until we re-open)
  • 30 minute Naturopathic medicine Telemedicine consultation: $81 (10% discount until we re-open)


Herbs & Supplements

Should you require supplements and/or herbal remedies, we can arrange to supply them to you by a private pick-up time at the clinic or shipping them to your home (for a fee). We have several supplement lines available for stress, energy, sleep, immune system, digestion, cold & flu and more. 


Free Qi (Chi)!

monica-leonardi-Bp8rssVTi-o-unsplashAnother way to keep your vital life force, or “Qi” (pronounced “Chee”) moving and strong, is to practice Taiji (Tai Chi) or Qigong. Our Registered Acupuncturist Suzanne Williams is an experienced 30+ year practitioner of Taiji and Wushu. She recommends these free video resources. Check them out and enjoy the flow!

Helen Liang 

Not a full form, but Tai Chi based exercises and postures, plus some centering and relaxation. This is good for beginners, and Helen is local. She’s the daughter of Shouyu Liang (my teacher’s teacher), who is well known in Taiji circles.


Fabrice Piche

Taiji Qigong Shibashi – a simple form of Qi Gong based on Taiji movements. This video is just the movements with no instruction, but it’s easy to follow as the name of each movement pops up on the screen, and there’s lots of repetition.

Fabrice also has other videos on his youtube channel and an online course to learn the first set of the form, and he does one on one classes by video.


daoudi-aissa-absT1BNRDAI-unsplashYou continue to be in our thoughts. We know this will all be behind us eventually, and for now, we send you our very best from our family to yours.


We are all in this together. Take good care, stay safe and be well!

The Red Tree Wellness team



What is Emergency care:

    • Immediate management or treatment of potentially life-threatening conditions.
    • We recommend if you have an emergency, you first contact your GP, the nearest hospital, or call 911.

What is Essential care:

Essential (urgent) care is separate from emergency care, and focuses on the management and treatment of conditions that require prompt attention. They include those services essential to preserving life and health. Urgent care needs may include (but not limited to):

  • Severe pain which may otherwise be permanently exacerbated without interim treatment.
  • Severe addiction issues which may relapse without interim treatment.
  • Mental health/depression which may worsen without interim treatment.
  • Terminal or aggressively progressive conditions where a delay of treatment will have an adverse effect.

What is Non-Essential care:

  • Non-essential care is routine or non-urgent treatment and would include (but not limited to):
    • Routine follow-up assessments and treatment.
    • Routine preventative therapies.
    • Cosmetic and aesthetic acupuncture treatment.
    • Non-urgent care to existing conditions.


We recognize there are some patients that have chronic or multiple issues that need continual support with Essential care. Please feel free take advantage of our telemedicine options. Take good care everyone!


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