Health in novel times – Clinic update and options

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Health in novel times – Clinic update and options!


  • SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 closure update.
  • What is Telemedicine and Essential care, and your options?
  • Mental health grounding tip with Dr. Tan.


We are thinking of you and hope you are finding serenity and comfort in these novel times. Red Tree Wellness remains closed to in-person visits until further notice except in Emergency and Essential situations, and only by discretion. Practitioners are available for your continued Essential care via telemedicine and with practitioner discretion, in-person sessions. 

What is Telemedicine? A medical service provided remotely via information and communication technology.

What is Remotely? Without physical contact and does not necessarily involve long distances.


Currently, Acupuncturists / TCM Practitioners will not be able to service Non-essential care, however Naturopathic Physicians will be able to continue Non-essential care, at their discretion. The following are guidelines from our regulatory bodies (CTCMA, CNPBC) and the Provincial Health Officer for further clarity: 

What is Emergency care:

    • Immediate management or treatment of potentially life-threatening conditions.
  • We recommend if you have an emergency, you first contact your GP, the nearest hospital, or call 911.


What is Essential care:

  • Essential (urgent) care is separate from emergency care, and focuses on the management and treatment of conditions that require prompt attention. They include those services essential to preserving life and health. Urgent care needs may include (but not limited to):   
  • Severe pain which may otherwise be permanently exacerbated without interim treatment.
  • Severe addiction issues which may relapse without interim treatment.
  • Mental health/depression which may worsen without interim treatment.
  • Terminal or aggressively progressive conditions where a delay of treatment will have an adverse effect.


What is Non-Essential care:

  • Non-essential care is routine or non-urgent treatment and would include (but not limited to):
    • Routine follow-up assessments and treatment.
    • Routine preventative therapies.
    • Cosmetic and aesthetic acupuncture treatment.
    • Non-urgent care to existing conditions.


We recognize there are some patients that have chronic or multiple issues that need continual support with Essential care. Please feel free take advantage of our telemedicine options:


  • 10 – 20 min phone or video consults for Acupressure, Tuina massage, Food therapy, and Chinese herbal medicine (with those licensed).
  • At this time, we are limited to only consulting with current or past patients. We are only able to see new Acupuncture patients in-person via discretion at this time and only for Essential care. Herbal consults for new patients are at the discretion of the practitioner.
  • Essential conditions for in-person acupuncture such as severe pain will be at the discretion of the practitioner. First please email the clinic your request at office(at) or your practitioner directly if you have their email.


  • 10 – 60min Naturopathic and/or Herbal phone or video consultations, with pharmaceutical prescriptive authority – with Dr. Dang.
  • Naturopathic telemedicine consults are available for new patients. 
  • Conditions that can be treated but not limited to at this time: anxiety, depression, stress and sleep management, digestion issues, immune support, home-remedies to support vitality as well as addressing their current medical conditions.
  • For naturopathic medicine consultations, please email your request to the clinic at office(at) or Dr. Kathleen Dang, ND, RAc directly.

We work with Fullscript to provide nutraceutical and herbal supplements with reputable companies, shipped direct to your door. Many Chinese herbal formulations are not available at a reputable level in this system, and for that, we will utilize our trusted supplies, and can be available for pick up or have it shipped to you from our clinic. 

Phone or video appointments can be paid via our secure online billing which will be emailed after the appointment. These receipts can be submitted for reimbursement from your private health insurance company. 


The best first step if you are unsure whether you can come in, is to email us or schedule a telemedicine consult call. 


  • Go to our Booking Calendar at
  • Under either Chinese Medicine or Naturopathic Medicine, you will see a 10 min Follow Up phone, video or email consultation option. Click that to book as your normally do for your other appointments and choose a practitioner.
  • OR you can email the clinic at office @ or info @ and we will forward your inquiry to the relevant practitioner. 
  • OR you can call the clinic and leave a voice mail – however keep in mind this is not the fastest way to reach us in our current situation.


Once again, if you have an emergency or essential, non-COVID-19, situation, we may be able to see you in-person, at the discretion of your practitioner. For this, please email your practitioner directly if you have their contact info, OR email office(at) as the quickest way to reach us and we will forward your inquiry on to your practitioner. 

We understand this may be a prolonged measure in response to SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 and the protection of our community. We are prepared to support you through whatever time is required.


If you are in need of grounding in these novel times, when you feel you have gone too far into your head, or for general grounding, try out this mindful, awake meditation technique that Dr. Sonia Tan likes to use:

  • Breathe in deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Slowly look around you and find, while saying to yourself:
    • * Something you can see – and name it: I see _____.
    • * Something you can hear – and name it: I hear _____.
    • * Something you can feel on you or in you – and name it: I feel ____.
    • * Repeat this four (4) more times for a total of five (5) times.  
  • You can also do this while going for a walk outside.


Take good care everyone, and a (virtual) hug to all of you!

Wishing you and your family good health and happiness,

Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM, RAc, RTCMP, and the Red Tree Wellness team


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