Finding Fire


The summer at last is upon us, and with this, is the expansion, experience and creative energy that follows with the Fire element of summer.  In this season, it is a time to explore, not just outside of yourself, or outdoors, but also, inward to your Spirit.  In this brief newsletter, we wish to send you many blessings for the season.

The Spirit at this time of year not only yearns to expand, create and sparkle with vitality, it yearns to explore the inner workings of the self and of life.  So in this season, allow and enjoy the journey of exploration, both outdoors and inside your soul.  Find spark for your spirit, and express it, yet find grounded harmony within to quiet our spirit.  However you choose to enjoy life in this summer, remember your body talks, and listen to the tune of your body, mind and spirit in order to sustain harmony.

Enjoy the spirit of the summer.  

In health and happiness,
Sonia Tan
Clinic Director


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