Fall 2020 Newsletter and Tips!

Fall 2020 Newsletter and Tips!

Fall Newsletter 2020

TITLE:  Be ahead of the curve.


  • Immunity month
  • Autumn health tips with Dr. Dang.
  • Did You Know…

Now is the time to get ahead of the curve. Every fall you hear me say, “wear a scarf, to protect your ‘Wind’ points”. You may have even seen me say you can also use a scarf to cover your mouth and nose for protection, like on buses. So here’s is your reminder again, be ahead of the curve and be proactive with your immunity – now. Fall is when we see viruses re-appear, and in Chinese Medicine, there are various lifestyle choices we can do in order to keep our immunity strong and protect our vital life force, our “Qi”. My three all time favourite immunity boosters are:

  • A scarf. Women, wear with flair! Men, you too can rock it. Wearing this around the next not only keeps the outer defensive Acupuncture channel “Taiyang” protected, but also warms it – and when the Qi is warm, it makes it stronger to fight pathogens.
  • Herbs. Most notably Astragalus or Huang Qi, when used with other herbs such as Goji berries. I call Goji berries the “Chinese raisin”. Have it in a tea (with Astragalus for example) or salad, just eat it! Our favourite formula known in our clinic is nicknamed “Dragon Herbs”, and is simply a great regulator of the channels that both fight cold and flu viruses, and also helps optimize our immune system.
  • Essential Oils. We’ve had an “Immunity Booster” proprietary blend for some time that is easy to apply and travel with. Roll it on your pulse points, chest and temples, and inhale. The essential oils work directly with our Lungs, our first line of defense.

Other proactive things you can do is friction rubbing (Gua Sha) or sliding cupping with a silicone cupping set (we have some here in the clinic), apply a massage or vegetable oil on the tight areas, to help loosen and warm them up and release. Eat healthy and well, with more soups, and sleep well, getting earlier to bed and the light falls. B12 vitamin injections into immunity acupuncture points may also help improve your immune and nervous system and may be another option to consider this fall. Above all, we are here to support you, so feel free to come in when you need extra help.

A reminder that if you are experiencing two more COVID-19 related or flu-like symptoms (e.g. cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, nausea, malaise/unwell), have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or are awaiting COVID-19 test results, please avoid coming to the clinic. Call us if you are unsure.

One of the best ways to keep up-to-date with our operations is by regularly checking our website News page and our Facebook page.    

 We look forward to seeing you in the clinic. 




By Dr. Kathy Dang ND, RAc

In British Columbia, Fall colours populate our landscape with bright hues of yellows, oranges and reds on the ever present backdrop of greens.  A visually stunning time of the year!

So what is nature trying to show us?  What wisdom can be found?

Did you know that in Fall, the cooler air of August triggers the breakdown of chlorophyll – the green colour found in leaves.  As the green disappears, the carotenoids (Vitamin A), which was always present in the leaves, responsible for the yellow, orange and red colours finally get their time to shine!

Nature is showing us the very colors to inspire our food plate – foods rich in Vitamin A.  These yellow, orange and red foods prepare the immune system for the upcoming winter and all the illness’ associated.

Vitamin A helps our night vision, and as shorter days come with winter, nature is saying, please store up to see better!

Vitamin A also promotes growth and development of epithelium and mucosa. Which means this vitamin protects not only our eyes, but maintains proper skin, lung, digestive and urinary tract integrity.  These are all the barriers that protect our body from foreign invaders.

The Vitamin A superstars are:

Red bell peppers


Sweet potatoes


Butternut squash



Cod liver fish oil


Goji berries


Menu ideas:

Red bell pepper slices + hummus

Ginger carrot and sweet potatoes soup

All things pumpkin – pie, muffins, breads, soups

Roasted butternut squash with cinnamon, butter and maple syrup

Spinach sautéed with garlic

Tabbouleh salad

Goji berry tea:  ½ tbsp dried goji berries steeped in hot water


Eating a variety of these foods/spices on a daily basis will have your immune system full of gratitude.  Also limiting sugar, alcohol, and fried foods to lessen the burden on our liver and digestive system can help as well.

If you would like further consultation on specific health goals, feel free to book an appointment online at

Be well and safe this Fall,

Dr. Kathy Dang ND, RAc

Naturopathic Physician & Registered Acupuncturist



Did you know… 

Lastly we finish off with our traditional quick clinic FYI’s:


  • Labour Day to Thanksgiving Day, we are having Immunity Month! Receive $5.00 off a B12 add-on appointment to any Acupuncture visit. As well, all Immunity Support favourites (some mentioned above), are 10% off! Ask for them next time you are in the clinic.
  • On October 1, 2020, our rates will be increasing. See our website for more details. Thank you for your continued patronage as we support you and navigate these evolving times.
  • Cupping fan? Did you see our video on how to use silicone cups? Check it out on our YouTube channel or Facebook page here, and pick some up next time you are in.


We wish you a healthy autumn season. Be Well.

Yours in good health and happiness,

Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM and the Red Tree Wellness team