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Spring is a time of renewal in Chinese Medicine and what better way to be in harmony with spring than renewing our website!  Check out new our site here!  Just like with your garden, you clean out the old, dead debris, fluff up the soil, fertilize and prune to allow the new growth to happen more efficiently and abundantly – TCM views this as a “tune up” time, and should be a regular occurrence to keep your body’s Qi abundant and flowing.  It is the best step toward prevention.  It was high time to fluff up our website too – it is mobile browser responsive-friendly, full of colour and pictures, and we think pretty darn good looking! 😉  Woo Hoo!  Tell us what you think – on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email us!



~ Did you know that Acupuncture sessions are now GST exempt? You do now!  Yipee!

~ We carry 100% organic, ethically sourced, hand-pressed Argan Oil, straight from Morocco by Saadia Organics!

~ Want a healthy alternative to gift giving? Gift certificates are available! Please inquire with the office for more details.

Over 8 years ago when I formed Red Tree Wellness, I had a dream of creating a place of comfort, ease, healing and whole health using the wisdom and beauty of TCM.  It was a team of wise talented practitioners I wanted to continue to heal, guide and inspire your health.  I am very proud of the team I have and I hope you enjoy their skills and connection as well.  We are here for you, and have much to share.


So connect with us, not just via social media, but also in person. Try us all out –> Karyn does facial acupuncture so do you know anyone that would like to combine a constitutional acupuncture treatment with a natural facelift?  Gary does meridian organ energy testing using a machine to assess the conductivity, as well as his healing acupuncture skills.  Try them out!


Patient sharing 

Continuing on in our series of YOU the patients, sharing your experiences at our clinic, we thankHolly W. for her contribution this season:1. What have you learned (about your health, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, health prevention etc.) at Red Tree Wellness, that you didn’t previously know?A little bit about the meridians. I enjoy having the TCM viewpoint on disease, it’s much less frightening than allopathic medicine, and gives better context.

2. Have you noticed any difference in your health since you started coming to Red Tree Wellness? If ‘Yes’ please briefly elaborate.

Yes, I tried two other therapists and Red Tree Wellness is the only one that has produced results. Some of my chronic symptoms are alleviated by acupuncture, like mucous production, rotator cuff issues, and assorted minor things that crop up. Because the mucous gets out of hand, I like to go every couple of months or so for maintenance. It makes a difference.

3. Is there anything else that you would like to share about your experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture?

The “tea” of strong herbs that Sonia prescribed to reduce the “dampness” in my body (related to mucous production) made a big difference as well. Due to various unforeseen circumstances, I went 4 months without acupuncture, and the mucous was largely held in check. I believe the herbal concoction played a role in that. I have also been avoiding wheat, which is also a contributor to this improvement.


Visit us at Douglas Park Saturday April 5th, 2014!

Do you live in the Douglas Park area?  We will be there on Saturday April 5th for the Douglas Park Seniors Health show.  Come visit our booth and get a free tongue and pulse diagnosis and meridian organ testing!  Pass the word on!


More than anything else, we are grateful to you, our patients.

I decided to become a TCM practitioner because of the gift of health it gave me. I hope to continue to pay that forward for as long as I can.  We all do!  Thank you for choosing us, Red Tree Wellness, to help guide you on your pathway to health.
May you have a wonderful Spring!

 Yours in health and happiness,

Sonia & the Red Tree Wellness team


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