Changing Seasons


The summer solstice represents the start of summer on the Western calendar. However in the Chinese calendar, it is called Xia Zhi – Summer Come and means the middle of summer. It is considered the middle because the sunlight is at its greatest length of daylight then, and a new change of weather and season begins.

Just like the change of seasons, change is upon us as well. We are sad to be saying goodbye to Samantha Penner and Jessica Yee this summer. We wish them many blessings as they continue to explore their journeys in life. We are excited to be saying hello to Sonya Scheer, RMT to the clinic! Sonya brings a passionate and energetic wealth of experience to the clinic, and we welcome to her to the team.

Change is like no other vehicle for opportunity and enlightenment. So what does this summer represent to you? Perhaps it is excitement, freedom, or activity. Or rather, it is meditative, balancing and solace from the winter past. One thing that is evident, is the freeing, expansive and vibrancy that the summer energy brings. This is the time that Yang energy flourishes, and we all benefit from Yang energy by using it in creative and active endeavors. However, like with everything in life, balance creates grounded harmony, and we must be mindful to also take the time to nourish our Yin, our inner quietness, and cool our mind, body and spirit. In whatever you choose to indulge your life in this summer, do remain in tune not just with the season, but with the signals of your body in order to sustain harmony. And should you every feel the balances start to waver, we’re here for you for a tune-up!

As a new change of season beings in the fall, look for us in the community, as we will be reaching out to a local charity with our services. Stay tuned for further details. For now, enjoy the blessings of the summer.

In health and happiness,

Sonia Tan
Clinic Director


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