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I always wish for summer to keep going into September and October like where I grew up out in Ontario. However it always seems like clockwork here in the Pacific Northwest that after labour day, the cool crisp weather of fall sets in.  That’s ok with me though, because fall is one of my favourite times of the year. I am definitely putting the socks on and wearing a scarf to protect my Qi from the cold.

This time of year is where we begin a new series of tips based on the seasons and the phases of change.  We’ll be going back to the simple basics of Eastern Medicine tips. There is a lot of depth to a 3,000 year old medical system after all. This year, our ‘newest’ but most experienced practitioner, Dr. Samantha Jennings, Dr.TCM, RAc, will be guest writing about health tips in each season.  However before we get into that, allow me to introduce Samantha to you.

I have known Dr. Samantha Jennings, or Samantha as she prefers, for over 12 years.  I met her when I was introduced to sound healing at an Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine conference. Samantha was one of the pioneer practitioners and teachers of this method. I was so interested to learn this method, I decided to organize a sonoacupuncture (sound vibrations used on acupoints) course locally for her to teach.  That lead to further acupuncture courses I helped organized. Thus began our relationship of both teacher-student-colleague, and friend. As it so happened serendipitously, she was looking for a new place to land her Vancouver practice, and I had the space and means to support her.  Samantha has been practicing for over 30 years, and brings both a wealth of experience and education, but also a compassionate mindfulness that not every doctor has.  Every session with her is connected, and a journey in elevating your body, mind and spirit. I am thrilled to have her as part of the Red Tree Wellness team to help you achieve your optimal health!

I am pleased to introduce Samantha now as our guest writer on health tips for the season. Enjoy and let us know how it goes!


By Samantha Jennings, Dr. TCM, R.Ac.

Welcome to the season of Autumn & the Metal Element.  Perhaps you remember your parents or grandparents cleaning the house top to bottom in the fall, clearing out all the clutter, of things unused or forgotten. Our Lungs & Large Intestine, the organ systems of Metal Element, also become clogged with ‘debris’. Read this as excessive mucous & retention of phlegm. You may notice you have more congestion of late, either in the chest or nasal passages.

We can use the idea of gutters with that of these channels.  In the fall, we need to clean out our gutters, just like the eaves troughs of a house, of leaves & debris, so the water (Qi) can move through, otherwise the water becomes polluted. When our body becomes clogged with ‘debris’, it’s like leaves clogging a drain. In the body this can present as mucous in the lungs leading to the internal ecology supporting microorganisms causing colds or flu.  Constipation within its partner, the Large Intestine, may also occur.

The Mind may also become cluttered, as you may find yourself feeling more negativity, being critical of self & others, and feeling cynical. When we experience pollution on this level it’s easy for us to “catch colds”, as the ecology of the body now provides the perfect environment for pathogens to take hold.

One of the functions of the Metal Element is to provide a protective shield that supports our ability to withstand the changing climatic factors, transitioning from the heat of summer to the coolness of our fall.  Our immunity depends on the Lungs function of regulating the Wei Qi, which translates to mean the protective or defensive Qi of the body.  The Wei Qi is the first barrier any pathogenic factor meets when there is an attempt to invade the body. Those pathogens, such as the cold and flu virus, are said to be carried into the body by Wind (draft) via specific portals, i.e. acupuncture points.  When your acupuncturist stimulates specific points on the body, it strengthens the Wei Qi, and if you happen to have had an invasion, then specific points are used to draw out the wind and the pathogenic factor.

Having your Lung & LI organ systems free of debris, your Wei Qi can then perform its function optimally.   Now is the season of supporting the Metal Element & specifically the immune system by strengthening the protective Qi of the body.

CLINICAL TIP: Eucalyptus is a great essential oil to be diffused in your home or applied on a tissue and worn close to the body. Being camphoraceous, it decongests the upper airways, and deepens the breath. It is a major expectorant, clearing congestion of mucous. It is also a great preventative, as it fortifies the Wei Qi of the body as well as the auric field surrounding the person.

– Samantha Jennings, Dr. TCM, R.Ac.


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We hope you have a pleasant autumn!

Yours in good health and happiness,

Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM & the Red Tree Wellness team


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