April 2022 Spring and BC Step 3 update



  • BC Step 3 and Clinic policies – Beginning April 8, 2022
  • Spring Health tips
  • Did You Knows…


Effective April 8, 2022, the province announced that “…Our risks now are clearly much lower, but they are not zero and we are not fully out of this yet, but I feel confident we can safely make further changes…” One of the changes made was to lift the mask mandate in public spaces, while also still recommending wearing masks indoors. While we are excited about the idea of the end of the mandates, Red Tree Wellness Inc is a clinical healthcare setting as described by the PHO and has been guided to follow Communicable Diseases protocols. Therefore, for the time being we are all still requiring everyone to wear a mask. Both medical masks and cloth masks are acceptable.

Prior to coming to the clinic, ensure you:

  1. Avoid coming to the clinic if you are experiencing symptoms of a communicable disease, e.g. sore throat, sore throat, fever and/or chills, recent onset of coughing, diarrhea. Use the BC Thrive Self-Assessment tool if you are unsure. Pre-screening for COVID-19 will be discontinued. 
  2. Continue to practice good hand hygiene, and wash or sanitize your hands regularly. 
  3. Sneeze/cough into your elbow.
  4. Bring a mask to wear while in the clinic. If you forget one, we have Medical Masks available at a cost of $2.
  5. Be aware that possible exposure to and illness from infectious diseases, including but not limited to MRSA, influenza, and COVID-19 may still exist. By coming to the clinic, you acknowledge and assume the risk of possible infection of a communicable disease.

Telemedicine services are still available as well. 

We are continually grateful to you, our patients! Most importantly, we thank you for choosing our team to help guide you on your pathway to health…

We look forward to seeing you! 

Spring Tip time!

As we welcome back spring into our lives, often this also means for many, the unwelcome visitor of hayfever allergies.  It’s a good time to remember to consume more of a favorite fruit of ours mentioned in newsletters of the past – a popular herb of recent years – Gou Qi Zi – aka Goji berries as the Western common name.

Spring is the time of the element of Wood which is related to the organ and channel system of the Liver, and its partnered organ the Gall Bladder. In this season Wind is dominant, strong, activating, quick moving and changing. Internally, we may feel more vibrancy, as well as more irritations. Externally, Wind in Chinese Medicine, carries pathogens, and spreads it around easily. Thus at this time of year, we are dealing with viral and bacterial pathogens, as well as allergens, all carried by the Wind rapidly moving around at this time of year.

People with allergies usually have a weaker defensive immunity system to fend off the strength of the Wind and all the pathogens. The Liver, being a Wood element is thus easily affected by Wind as it has an affinity to it. However this also means it can be easily set off-balance at this time of year. One of the Liver organ channel systems’ function is to regulate the function of our eyes. In addition, it supports our “Blood” nourishment function, which provides a base of strength to our defensive immunity (Wei Qi) and other types of Qi strength. If you have eye problems, such as itchy, sandy or dry eyes at this time of year, this is often due to a weakness in the Liver Bloods’ strength and its Wind pathogen expelling function. Thus, the goal of this season is to promote the free, calm, easy and smooth flow of energy, and strengthen our defensive immunity system by strengthening our Blood and Qi – the base and the strength. 

Gou Qi Zi (Fructus Lycii) whose common name is Chinese Wolfberry fruit, Lycium fruit, matrimony vine fruit or Goji berry, has been used for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine, and has several main actions and indications. One of the functions is to nourish and strengthen the Liver and Kidney organ systems in Yin and Blood functionality. Another function is to help our base essential blood function to nourish our eye function.

Thus Gou Qi Zi or Lycium fruit or Goji berry, is an excellent herb to have at this time of year to more optimally nourish the basis of eye health and immunity functioning. You can pick up a bag of dried Gou Qi Zi/Goji berries at many natural health foods stores these days (it’s best to have the actual herb/fruit/whole food, not an extract). Good quality ones are large, soft, sweet and red.  You can include them in yogurts, soups and salads, or my preferred way is steep them in hot water as a tea, leaving the fruit in while drinking the water to fully extract the ingredients, drink the tea and eat the fruit after.

Keep in mind that Chinese Herbs are not meant to be used individually or as stand-alone, unlike Western traditions. Herbs used whole are more balanced, however used individually with a person, it may not be balanced for that person. That is why Chinese Herbs are traditionally given as a formula, grouped together with checks and balances, and customized to fit the pattern of that individual person. If using a single herb does not seem to be strong enough or you are experiencing some adverse effects, it is likely that you need a more balanced formula of other herbs to help you out. Let us know, we are here to help!

We are grateful to celebrate our win of the 2022 Consumer Choice Award for Best Acupuncture in Vancouver! It’s an honor to be recognized for the fourth year in a row! The Consumer Choice Award has been doing independent research for over 30 years, and sources their data from 5 different statistically supported independent market survey, online listening, and research organizations. Their sole purpose is to recognize business excellence in small and medium-sized businesses. The award is chosen by the consumer – you, thank you! We are honoured and thrilled to receive the award for 2022! It’s a pleasure to help restore health!

We want to thank you for your trust in our guidance. As your health care practitioner, we are dedicated to providing you with exceptional natural health care, and are committed to help guide, educate, inspire and motivate you on your pathway back to health and ongoing vitality. In today’s digital world, online reviews are extremely important to establishments like ours. Could you spare a moment to share some feedback on our Google Business Page? It should only take a couple of minutes and would make a big difference to our company. Please follow this link to submit your Google review.

Did you know… 

  • B12 injections are available as an add-on to an appointment. B12 is one of the hardest available vitamins and is essential for both neurological and immune health. Ask next time you are in!
  • We now have Stone Medicine in our clinic! Gua Sha tools and pendants are our current stock. Check them out next time you are in!
  • Essential Oil blends are privately designed and made exclusively for Red Tree Wellness by one of our Reiki Master and Chemistry professor colleagues.
  • Argan Oil by Saadia Organics is a local Vancouver company whose relatives in Morocco hand make these therapeutic grade oils.
  • Instructional videos for Gua Sha and Sliding Cupping are on our YouTube Channel 

May you have an enjoyable Spring! Be Well.

Yours in good health and happiness,

Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM and the Red Tree Wellness team


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