6 Tips to adapting to time change

6 Tips to adapting to time change

Every year, with the arrival of spring, we change the time by advancing the clock by one hour. With the time change we make better use of natural daylight hours and reduce our dependence on electricity during the key hours of the day ⏰

However on the other hand, time changes cause disruptions in circadian rhythms, i.e. the physical, mental and behavioural changes that follow a daily cycle.

Tips for adapting to the time change 

✔️ Modify mealtimes. It is also recommended to bring dinner time forward slightly.

✔️ Establish a sleep routine with fixed times for going to bed and waking up once the time has changed.

✔️ Avoid stimulating drinks, since they can have an effect on sleep.

✔️ Avoid exercising late in the day, as this activates our metabolism.

✔️ Avoid large meals for dinner. Easier digestion makes it easier for the body to sleep.

✔️ Avoid lights before going to sleep, especially cell phones, computers, tablets or televisions, as they can make it difficult to fall asleep.