Christine Birkbeck

Prior to discovering Sheralyn’s services, I was thirty-nine weeks pregnant.

Pregnancy for me, was difficult for a variety of reasons, but mostly by thirty-nine weeks, I was not sleeping at all and mentally and physically ready to have my baby. I started seeking out online support groups to find anything that might spark this baby into labour. There was a consistent opinion online, that acupuncture helps bring it on in a safe and healthy manor. I decided to give it a try, which brought me to Sheralyn.

Sheralyn was very welcoming and proactively answered all the concerns I had about the process, even settling my nerves about needles (which is a huge fear of mine).

She gave me two treatments in three days.

After the first treatment, I was able to sleep for a solid six hours, comfortably for the first time since my first trimester.

After the second treatment  I went into labour and gave birth to a healthy (over due) baby boy.

Through Sheralyn’s clear explanations and professional application of acupuncture, I was able to relax at the peak of my discomfort, which was an amazing and a very welcome surprise.

I strongly believe the second treatment was responsible for initiating my labour process and helping me welcome my baby boy into this world.

I would highly recommend Sheralyn to any person seeking acupuncture.  She is very professional, clearly explains herself and makes the entire experience positive – even for someone afraid of needles, like me.

Christine Birkbeck