Late Summer tips: Living in harmony with the transition to fall.

End of summer

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In this issue:
  • Summer closing health tip – Neroli essential oil
  • New Services! Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation and Acupuncture Tarot Card Readings!
  • Clinic news. Welcome Dr. Kathy Dang, ND, RAc!

In Chinese Metaphysics, the hot trend of summer begins at the start of May, continuing on until it starts a downward trend in August. As we now enter into the end of summer and transition into fall, we start to bring things to a close.  The more you can follow natural law with your own body, the better your health. Let’s read more on summer closure tips further with Dr. Samantha Jennings below.



Health tips for Summer 
with Dr. Samantha Jennings, Dr. TCM, R.Ac.:

An Essential Oil You’ll Want to Know: Neroli

Neroli Citrus aurantium ssp. aurantium ~ Rutaceae Orange Blossom Pin Yin: Ge Hua

    Aroma: Rich floral, bittersweet, warm, rich, orange-like (derived from the flowers of the bitter orange tree, or sour Seville Orange) (citrus sinensis is sweet orange blossom oil)
    Properties: Calming, relaxing, strengthening, stabilizing, clearing, encourages joy, peacefulness & contentment
    Physiologically: Neroli is cooling and so clears Heat from the Heart, relaxing to the nervous system & uplifting to the Spirit. One of the best EO’s to calm & stabilize the Heart & Mind (Spirit), (along with Rose, Lavender & Melissa all oils associated with Fire Element.). It’s a strong parasympathetic EO, affecting the ANS by relaxing highly stressed people, easing mental & emotional tension. It can help poor circulation, restlessness, acute or chronic anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, hypertension, depression, & panic attacks.
    Recipe: 2-3 drops diluted, 2 x day. For PMS tension: Recipe: 7 days prior to the onset of menses, have a Neroli bath, 7 drops Neroli EO in 3 T honey mixed and added to the bath. NOTE: EO’s dissolve easily in honey.
    Psychospiritually: Frees the Spirit, Opens the Heart & re-establishes the Spirit’s connection to the world. Useful for people who cannot confront painful & disturbing emotions whether shame, guilt, hurt or rage. Alleviates the pain of despair, in that it calms & soothes the Mind, but also restores a sense of hope (related to the Hun, Ethereal Soul, residing in the Liver). Releases emotional suppression & deep emotional pain. Neroli has a very powerful psychological effect. Has been used in a similar way to Bach Flower Remedy, Rescue Remedy. Neroli is considered a natural tranquilizer and is excellent for depression, anxiety or shock. It is said to reach deep into the soul & create stability. So it is very good for people with emotional tension, exhaustion & in situations which feel hopeless. For those who feel vulnerable or fragile, Neroli helps to build a strong inner core as well as a protective shield. For people who are easily angered, Neroli can shift the mood to a more relaxed state. Enhances creativity. One teacher says that Neroli holds the essence of Quan Yin, the Buddhist Goddess of mercy & compassion.
    Safety: Non-toxic, non-irritant
    ~ Dr. Samantha Jennings, Dr.TCM, R.Ac.

    New Service! Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture!

      Rejuvenation Facial Acupuncture is both an alternative and adjunctive anti-aging treatment. These treatments are perfect for those who want to address their anti-aging concerns but do not want to have other cosmetic procedures done (such as botox). However, if you’ve gotten botox done previously these treatments will be perfect for increasing the longevity of treatments.
      Botox works by paralyzing the nerve leading to the anti-wrinkle effect for 3 months and botox treatments will only work for a maximum of 10 years before the nerve dies off and will not respond to treatments anymore. During this time, your skin will continue to age and when the botox treatments no longer work, more invasive treatments (i.e. cosmetic surgery) will be the next option. Using Rejuvenating Facial Acupuncture will improve skin quality and collagen production, allowing for more lasting effects from the botox treatments and a decrease need for botox and cosmetic surgery.
    The main benefits of facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatments are:
    • Improving muscle tone and dermal contraction
    • Increasing collagen production
    • Eliminating puffiness and bags under the eyes
    • Eliminates fine lines and wrinkles
    • Tightens pores
    ~ Dr. Katherine Chung, ND
      Currently Dr. Katherine Chung, ND and Dr. Kathy Dang, ND, RAc offer Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture sessions!

      New Service! Acupuncture Tarot Card readings!  
      The Five Element (5E) Tarot Cards (Medical Divination)

        Tarot cards have been used since the 11th century as a form of divination.   The 5E Tarot deck is used as a way of ‘seeing’ beyond the level of the person’s symptomology and uncovering what is happening at the level of the psyche.  In this way we are looking beyond the level of the “story” of their physical discomfort, to see what is the underlying emotional content of the Unconscious that can be contributing to their physical problems.  We are accessing a deeper level of knowledge held within the person.
        The First card is like a snapshot of the person, what is happening in this moment in time.  The second card represents the circumstances or the situation in which the person finds themselves.  In a short reading, the third card represents the possibilities in shifting the conditions that led to illness in the first place.
        All of the cards are representative of acupoints as they relate to the Five Elements, and contribute to the actual acupuncture treatment.
        In a longer reading, eight cards are pulled and we move around the 5E wheel beginning in the current season, so for example, Summer / Fire, Late Summer / Earth, Autumn / Metal, Winter / Water and Spring / Wood Element.  It describes the “healing journey” the person is taking and offers them insight into what they need to recover their health, with the eighth card representing the possible outcome should the person decide to follow the advice of the cards, i.e. their own psyche’s commentary on what “needs to happen next”.
        ~Dr. Samantha Jennings, Dr.TCM, RAc
        Dr. Jennings currently offers Acupuncture Tarot Card readings at Red Tree Wellness as a 1 hour reading with a subsequent acupuncture treatment at another session. Alternatively, you can book a 2 hour session, with the treatment immediately following the reading (recommended).
      Experience a Five Element Acupuncture session with medical divination today!

      Clinic news! Welcome Dr. Kathy Dang, ND, RAc!

        It is with pleasure we introduce our newest doctor to Red Tree Wellness, Dr. Kathy Dang, ND, RAc!  She is returning from maternity leave, and looks forward to providing all your family health needs. Dr. Kathy Dang is a dually board-certified, licensed Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist in BC. She is US trained and maintains NCCAOM diplomate status in both Herbology & Acupuncture and is a national exam writer for the Traditional Chinese Medicine boards in the US.  She is also certified in providing Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture. Her undergraduate training in Microbiology and Psychology influenced her views on the gut/brain connection, and its importance in inflammation and disease processes, as well as mental health and general well being.
        Dr. Dang recognizes the complexities and challenges of maintaining health and balance in today’s world.  She has clinical interests in family medicine, gastro-intestinal health, autoimmune/dermatologic disorders, endocrine/metabolic/cardiovascular disorders, trauma & addiction, mental health & stress disorders, pain disorders as well as anti-aging/longevity and natural aesthetics.
      Read more about her here, and book a consult with her today!

          Did You Knows…

          • Thinking about a fall cleanse for your body? Ask Dr. Chung or Dr. Dang about a more optimal way utilizing both diet and supplements without starving your body!
          • We have re-stocked on our favourite cold and flu remedy! This combines immune boosters with anti-virals and is a formulation that has been used in Chinese Medicine since 500 A.D.. Ask about these ‘Dragon Herbs‘ next time you are in.
          • We are open Saturdays! Dr. Chung and Dr. Dang can see you for your Acupuncture and Naturopathic medicine needs.
          Yours in good health and happiness,
          Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM and the Red Tree Wellness team


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