Happy Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon 2024!

Happy Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon 2024!


  • Happy Wood Dragon year!


Happy Wood Dragon Jiǎ Chén year! San nin faai lok! Kung Hei Fat Choi! (Cantonese)  Xīnnián kuàilè! Gōng xǐ fā cái! (Mandarin)  Happy New Year! Congratulations and Be Prosperous!

Today is the Lunar start date, the most commonly celebrated date. The Chinese follow a combined lunisolar calendar that marks sun and moon trends and transitions. The Solar start date of the Wood Dragon was on February 4 (5th in North America). The date is because of the calendars’ tracking of the Start of Spring – the sunlight and warming trend begins which means new life, new Qi energy and blessings. Traditionally on the first day of the year, we don’t clean (including showering!), so that we don’t wash away the good Qi/lucky energy that has entered today with the New Moon. Prior to today, we would have done a thorough clearing of our home and work, in order to make room for the good luck (Qi) of the new year. This is just a good practice overall to do. A cleansed and orderly home, translates to an orderly mind because our subconscious and unconscious brain, our deeper channels and vessels, no longer has to sort through the visual clutter. I encourage all of you to eventually, after the celebration is done a week later, to clean, dust, re-organize and purge thoroughly. Allow good healthy Qi to flow in your home, and in your mind!

It’s also that time of year we see special foods. Each of them have meaning. I mentioned last year one of my favourites growing up was Tong Yuen (Cantonese) / Tang Yuan (Mandarin). It is a rice ball in a brown sugar and ginger soup. The symbolism of a round ball signifies the wholeness of a family, health, peace and harmony. The sweets are to sweeten the blessings of the year. The Red Envelopes are a method of delivering the blessings. Red brings luck and life and is traditionally worn at this time of year. These favourites are back at the clinic for a week as we enjoy bestowing you with blessings and luck!

This new life of a new year is an opportunity to see what you love about who you are and what you do, and take new steps toward that vision. On the other hand, you may be also shedding what no longer serves you, as you transition to a new journey. The Year of the Wood Dragon is one of holding ground and moving forward – a conflict in itself, meant to resolve what one’s true passion and fire is. That compassion for yourself and humankind, will soften and ease the flow of the next steps. If you’re curious to dive deeper and a bit more technical into what the Wood Dragon has in store, you can read one my articles posted at these esteemed companies in our Chinese medicine world: Eastern Currents & Medicinal Roots Magazine.

I’ll be speaking more about easing transitions and travel in future newsletters. For now, note that I have a lot of teaching engagement around the world this coming year. I’m thrilled to be continuing to pass on this sacred and efficacious Classical Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture system passed down through my Master, Grandmaster Dr. Richard Tan, OMD, and inspired by my Agong Tan & Nagong Cheng. Last year was in preparation to allow Red Tree Wellness to operate at a much easier and self-sustaining state. The team of Dr. Kathleen Dang and Suzanne Williams are here to support you while I am gone and have access to your eChart (consent to share and collaborate was signed at your first visit). They have been trained and certified in Balance System Acupuncture by me, and I have full confidence in them. I’ll be reducing my days to 2 days per week of clinic time, in order to allow myself more time to prepare, travel and recover from teaching. You can always be on the waitlist for any of us whether a new patent referred, or a current patient for a follow up. One of the trips this year I am actually taking a course with one of my teachers who is still alive, and I’ll be thinking of you all as I bring back some more refined knowledge. ????

We wish you many blessings, with smooth flow in health and life! 

Yours in good health and happiness,

Dr. Sonia F. Tan, DAOM, RTCMP, and the Red Tree Wellness team of Dr. Kathleen Dang, ND, RAc & Suzanne Williams, MBA, RTCMP