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Heeqma (Hikmah) Awosiyan

Office Assistant

Hikmah is promptly known for her contagious beautiful smile and she extremely enjoys getting to socialize with people. Her key in life is to make an impact on someone through the kind words we say and little acts of kindness we do. Her love for a socially diverse community and nice weather prompted her to move from Saskatchewan to Vancouver. She is highly glad she came to an amazing city like Vancouver where she can explore different opportunities.

Hikmah is really passionate about humanitarianism and strives to be a tool for giving back to society whenever she can. Knitting and crocheting are two of her favourite hobbies and she uses them to spread love to NICU babies through the cute baby accessories she makes. She loves volunteer work and anything that prompts her to make a difference in her society. Although she is not very skilled at sports but she tries to get involved in activities like soccer, Kickboxing, badminton and basketball.

At the University of British Columbia, Hikmah is studying Engineering towards a Biomedical Engineering degree. She enjoys research, hands-on activities and sports. Hikmah is an achiever and she always aims to always go out of her comfort zone in other to be her exceptional and authentic self.

Headshot by TheTickPhotography.