Dr. Kathy Au-Yeung, Dr.TCM, RAc

Dr. Lok Yin Kathy Au-Yeung Dr.TCM, RAc Registered Dr.TCM Registered Acupuncturist CTCMA #04696

Dr. Lok Yin Kathy Au-Yeung
Registered Dr.TCM
Registered Acupuncturist
CTCMA #04696

Dr. Lok Yin Kathy Au-Yeung is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She graduated from the five-year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine program at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver. She is certified in performing acupuncture, cupping, and prescribing Chinese herbal medicine. After obtaining her certification in Canada, she went to the prestigious First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China for a post-graduation internship. During the internship, she practiced in various outpatient clinics including acupuncture, gastroenterology, respirology, and gynecology. She had exposure to inpatient care in Chinese Medicine which greatly increased her experience in practicing acupuncture to treat diverse types of conditions.

Kathy has always been interested in Chinese Medicine since she was in high school. She was fascinated by the vast number of acupoints displayed on the body atlas and the theory behind the art. As a child, she often observed and smelled various herbs being incorporated into her family’s daily diet. She wondered why her parents would drink such bitter, smelly, dark coloured herbal decoction to feel better. Despite her initial interest, she went to the University of British Columbia to obtain an undergraduate degree in biochemistry instead. However, she was deeply inspired to pursue Chinese Medicine after observing the success of Chinese Medicine in treating her relatives, who had suffered from multiple symptoms that were considered unrelated in the eyes of Western Medicine. Her relatives were assessed by several specialists for further investigations and treatments, yet they continued to suffer. Eventually, they were treated with acupuncture and herbal decoction which alleviated most of their symptoms. Kathy was then determined to become a doctor in Chinese Medicine, hoping to help others with conditions that might be challenging to manage in traditional Western Medicine.

Kathy is a strong believer in using Chinese Medicine to regulate the body and maintain its balance as a whole. She has clinical interest in preventive medicine and treatment of common conditions, including digestive issues, sleeping disorders, and women’s health. Being an outdoor enthusiast, she has developed an interest in treating musculoskeletal and pain condition with various modalities of Chinese Medicine. She is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Kathy will help your body find balance, and regain and maintain your health in a caring, holistic approach.

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Dr. Kathy Au-Yeung looks forward to helping you achieve your optimal health and well-being!

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