I began receiving acupuncture in 2006 in hopes of alleviating shoulder pain caused by dislocations which I experienced in my youth. I was pleasantly surprised to find the symptoms which I experienced reduced after my first few visits. I am a shift worker and Sonia also assisted me to get more quality sleep.

The strongest impression which acupuncture has left upon me came after I experienced a workplace accident. My leg was badly broken and required surgery. Also it was necessary for me to take strong painkillers (morphine) as well as anaesthetics. These experiences left me in a lot of pain, and discomfort.

I visited Sonia about 1 week after surgery. After our session my pain was reduced, the side effects from my medications were alleviated, and perhaps most importantly my spirits were lifted and I almost felt normal again. Thank you very much Sonia! I have recommended acupuncture to many of my friends and family members, and I highly recommend Sonia.

S. W.