Matt Hill

I met the amazing Sonia Tan a year before embarking on an 11,000 mile run tour around North America called Run for One Planet. As we neared the start date I was experiencing a lot of pain in my lower abdominal wall, due in part, training 100 miles a week for 2 years already in preparation. As well as, a ton of stress getting the thousands of details handled to raise funds and build a run tour team, all in order to run and speak for a year around the continent.

Can you say “stressed” that my body was breaking down JUST before departing on the big adventure?! I was losing sleep over it, as my doctor thought it might be a hernia, or worse, torn ligaments on the abdominal wall. Sonia asked if she could help (sensing the stress I was under). She said that sometimes the body makes one aware of what it requires to be fixed just before it knows it needs to perform in a big way. Her words of, “you’ll be ready, your body will take you” were so comforting as she started our 1st session.

For the following 5 weeks leading up to the 1st marathon, she expertly placed those healing needles and calmly helped me allow my body to rest, heal and accept. I am forever in gratitude for her wisdom, kindness and being an angel arriving at the perfect time, in order to have me ready, so I could join my run partner Steph Tait, to complete what we’d set out to complete: run 11,000 miles collectively, speak to 35,000 kids in 220 presentations and run our amazing, beautiful continent at 6 miles an hour to do it. Sonia put her expert ways together and sped up the healing process so I was ready to run!

I highly recommend her and her clinic. She is immensely talented, dedicated and a beautiful person with a huge heart. Thank you Sonia Tan, for being who you are and choosing to do what you do 😀

Matt Hill
Owner, Run For One Planet,