Mark Ainley

Sonia is a master at her art. She brings to the ancient art of acupuncture a clear approach as she demystifies the practice for her clients, giving them just the right amount of information they need to know while letting the work do what it needs to do. She is gentle yet disciplined, personable yet professional.

In addition to her acupuncture work, she can give incredible body-mind rebalancing sessions using tuning forks – this was one of the most memorable experiences I had had in years! I was amazed at how profoundly a short ‘tune up’ (pardon the pun) was able to
affect me positively.

Sonia is a consummate professional who creates an ideal atmosphere for the wonderful work she does, and it is my pleasure to recommend her wholeheartedly.

Mark Ainley
Principal & Consultant, Mark Ainley Contemporary Feng Shui